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Curse of the FTF - Gauteng

Pte Curb
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Caught and bowled! :mad:

Groundspeak has picked up that we still had an active Curse of the FTF series alive and well in Gauteng when in fact they were outlawed back in 2009/2010. As a result we have been instructed to put an end to this dastardly practice and thus "Curse of the FTF - Gauteng #17" is going to be the last. :(


As reviewers we have been given a dispensation to publish one more as the finale. Watch this space… B)


The honour has thus fallen on team484 to come up with a fitting end, a memorable cache to close this series and in fact the last Curse of the FTF worldwide. From what I see it is going to be a 5/5 humdinger. I am sure as time goes by and the ideas develop, more detail will become known in preparation for publication on April 25 which just happens to coincide to "QS#29 - Jhb - Kloofing in the Dal". I also have it on good authority that a certain Wazat will be attending that event too where all will be revealed on the "Curse of the FTF # 11 - Gauteng (11-11-11)"… or not. :ph34r:


I would like to thank all the cache owners who have participated in this series and proved to the powers that be that a series like this can result in quality caches being placed in response to the "spirit" of the curse to place new caches in response unlike in other areas which resulted in poorly thought out and executed caches being tossed out just for the sake of planting a new cache.


To everybody who has found one / all of this series, I am sure you will agree with me that is was a great series and you enjoyed finding them, some easy, some difficult and some near impossible. It was all part of the game. If there are those which you have not found, do it quickly because they are going to grandfathered and should they ever become archived they are gone forever. :cry:


We thus wait in anticipation and with much trepidation to the revealing on the detail of #17. :rolleyes:



Pte Curb

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Sadly this is something that had to come.... Thanks to all who made it so much fun. I was chatting to Bruce last night and made mention that I tried to do this type of series back in 2010 in KZN but it was turned down by the reviewer.... So yes already then it was doomed. Have fun with those that are left and hopefully it will be a while before all are archived.


I have ideas floating in my head but will speak to Bruce and Rodney as to what we can do with regards to other entertaining challenges such as this....


See you all in the Dal, maybe some will find Curse 11 after all.....

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We all want to give a big thanks to Wormgeocash who placed the first Curse cache in SA, who gave me the privilege to grab the 1ts FTF Curse


Thank you for a great series


Happy caching


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The Grand Finale of all FTF cursed cache series WORLDWIDE will be ending in Gauteng South Africa approx. at the end of May 2013!


It has been confirmed by Groundspeak as the very last FTF Curse Cache EVER on our little planet, no FTF Cursed cache will ever be permitted again due to contravention of the rules. Our local reviewers have requested us to make this a whopper, so hold on to your shorts boys and girls, this one is gonna blow your teams socks off!


As such… the help of the infamous South African traditional healers, the ever powerful SANGOMAS has been called into action from the lowlands. One Sangoma has been assigned to each continent of the world and has worked on transferring all of the existing curses within the series into one massively dreaded cursed cache, Team 484 and KrumKrew proudly present the “WORLDWIDE GRAND FINALE FTF CURSE – Gauteng # 17”


The bones have been thrown, the Sangoma has spoken and asked the African Zulu warrior ancestors to curse any that ever attempt place another FTF Curse on planet earth. Or anyone starting the Worldwide Grand Finale FTF Curse – Gauteng #17… and not being able to complete it.


We will post a few cool and possibly helpful cache facts during the course of today and in the weeks leading up to this 5*5* cache going live, the current launch estimation is late May, but I am sure everyone will be informed in time.


One thing is for sure the final cache swag is more then worth fighting for, we are really looking forward to placing this cache!


This cache is dedicated to all Curse of the FTF CO's worldwide, but most importantly the CO's of the Gauteng Series and reviewers, having made this cache possible through their efforts and this series cache placements.

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• This final FTF Curse will be a multi-cache.

• The cache will be listed as 5*.

• The terrain (distance and stages etc...) will likewise be a 5*.

• Simplistic speciality tools will be required to complete this cursed cache.

• We suspect it will take approx. 3-5 hours to complete.

• It will be the very last FTF curse placed on planet earth.

• The cache incorporates no less than 5 exciting and wildly invigorating puzzled, mind blowing cache stages challenging both mind and GC skills.

• The cache boasts a chain box, cryptic caches, chirps, digitally coded box, USB drives and puzzles to name but a few.

• The cache is clearly not for the faint hearted or weak minded for that matter.

• It takes no less than two persons per team, working as a team to complete this cache.

• The WORLDWIDE GRAND FINALE FTF CURSE – Gauteng # 17 is mainly geared to accessibility of each stage… (AKA: no superman rock climbing or any diving funny business, just good caching using your grey matter, your feet and a touch of GC “Know How”)

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But the Burning question will be who gets the FTF?

I can't wait to do this I only wish that I would have had an Opportunity to build one of these amazing caches


I have only done two of them and I am going to finish them all (unfortunately some have been archived)


I can't wait I am already planning to bring a full kit bag for the event (and carry it everywhere in anticipation for the publishing)

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So i stopped off at Team484 last night before mooching off home.... HAHAHAHA! Cryptix on steroids! 14 channels fully customised with a twist (excuse the pun).


So I hear that there have been a few requests for hints, nonono, bad dassies, we will post a few kiekies to wet the palate, and yes the big finale has finally been couriered to us! So we are beyond hyped to get this puppy going.






Hint: mmm the kiekie names seem a little suspicious to me surely computers name in sequence?...

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I think it is very important to play Sudoku, it builds the grey matter...


Thinking of it, Team484 & KrumKrew simply love Sudoku. The major thing here as you can see is a little more than just Sudoku, but also, we will say this: "If you cant complete this Sudoku puzzle.... you should start worrying".






We consider brilliant minds; those people that take something and make it more than what it was, they motivate us... If you want, feel free to post the solution once you nailed it... or dont and watch those that can't finish it begin stressing, mwhahaha!


Consider this kindergarden childsplay... enjoy Guys & Gals.


KrumKrew & Team484

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Looks like a great cache! We are planning to attempt it shortly.

I see one of the tools required is a chirp enabled device (our device is not)Does anyone know if the cache can be completed with a device that is not chirp enabled?


The hints are very usefull indeed, without them you will not proceed.

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