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app for using coordinates?

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Any advice for an app to use for caching using coordinates?


My family caches with an iPhone. We do fine with the Geocaching app, but our park district publishes caches by the coordinates and we are having a hard time finding an app that can help us find these. I have tried Commander Lite and also GoTo Coordinates, but they want the coordinates to be entered in minutes and seconds and they are given as decimals. Is there an app that will convert or take the decimals? What do you recommend?

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If you are using the official Groundspeak app, do "Search For Nearby Geocaches" and select any nearby cache. Select "Navigate to Geocache" (I know, that's not the cache you're going for, bear with me).....


In the upper right hand corner of the map view, tap the button with the three dots on it. You can enter additional waypoints here.


This is how you would enter next stage coordinates for a multi or puzzle cache, but it will take you to any coordinates you enter. When you enter the coordinates it will drop a flag on the map at that location. Tap the flag and select "Set as Target"

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That makes sense ... we had the Groundspeak app but only the Intro version. Have been talking about getting the full version so this put me over the edge, I can see from the screen shots in the app store what you are talking about. Downloading now and will try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

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Oh, yeah, the intro app is okay to give you an idea what Geocaching is about (just to get you past that "Come on, somebody is pulling my leg, their aren't really little secret boxes hidden all over my town, are there?" phase. :) ). Once you decide you want to pursue this as a hobby the paid app is a great tool. Best $10 I ever spent (except my marriage license, maybe....)

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Already found one cache with it yesterday, yes it is a big improvement over the intro one. If nothing else to not have to "skip intro" every time. :) The coordinates were easy to enter and took us right to where we were going. Thanks again for the help.

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