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Originally posted by Faderaven:

Human eyes do not reflect light like that. Unless of course you are using some sort of night scope. Actually, looking at your pics a second time it does appear you are using some sort of light augmentation.


I think non-human being the point here icon_biggrin.gif


They are not my pics so I'm not sure. I know I've been freaked out by cattle before. Their eyes will glow in the dark. Actually looked like car lights to me. Supposedly they never saw those lights until they started looking at the photos.



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Supposedly they never saw those lights until they started looking at the photos.


Which fits perfectly for the reflected "eye-shine" light such as from an owl or a raccoon; you won't see that shine without a light source directed towards the animal. The pictures look more like raccoon eyes than anything else, as their eye-shine is yellow-gold whereas owls tend to have reddish eye-shine.


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Dang! If you woulda stuck around and explained the whole Geocaching thing, we would have gotten a new recruit! And what a cool one this one would be! Just imagine all of the remote, out of the way, isolated caches he'd cache!


But...explaining the tech issues may have been kinda hard...



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