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Surveyors Historical Society annual Rendezvous


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Since I am only 100 miles away I am seriously considering this event. I have been to the Stargazer's stone and would love to visit with informed surveyors. Bill93 is right--it isn't cheap, but it is in line with similar professional conferences.

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I mentioned the interesting programs to my wife and she said she'd like to see some of historic Philadelphia, and (much to my surprise) that we should go. So we're signed up. We'll drive and stop at some other tourist sites along the way. Most expensive vacation ever for us.


The deadline for advanced registration price is Monday July 15. The ceremony at Mason's grave is free and open to the public.

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There are some pictures on this thread http://surveyorconnect.com/index.php?mode=thread&id=221840


Matt was on the measuring team that won the contest. Participants used four different historical measuring methods to see who could come closest to modern measurements. I didn't get pictures of that, unfortunately.


Bill & Matt



I took my turn during the setting of a spike to mark the location of Mason and Dixon's observatory. This was 700 or 800 feet south of the famous "Stargazer's Stone" which was actually their backsight or azimuth mark.


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