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any cool or weird TB goals u guys have heard of

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I suppose it all depends on what the TB owner considers 'cool', and what the discoverer considers 'cool'!


I have one TB out at the moment, a toy hen, whos mission is twofold - first to try to get to her aunties in Australia, but second, to visit other hens (real!) and have her photo taken with them on the way (I keep Hens!), I think thats cool, as do my kids, but I guess not everyone does,


The next one im due to release is a survival compass (little button compass' are my sig item) who has, to me anyway, a way cool mission - to visit caches located near things used for navigation. This could be a lighthouse, a map shop, etc, maybe something obvious and simple like a roadsign, or something specialist like an aviation DVOR beacon, or even the Garmin design office!


Cool is whatever you think it is, and your missions should be what you think is cool

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I found one yesterday that has the stated goal of visiting towns that have nuclear power plants. I'd categorize that one as unique. :)


My favorite was a travel bear that wanted to visit all 50 U.S. states (just drops, no "took it to" logs). I took it from the Midwest to California, and it still has 46 states to visit. When I drop my first TB I think I'll set a similar goal.

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My brother had 2 bolwng pins and a bowlng ball trying to get to eh Pro Bowlers Hall of Fame.


I had a toy Krispy Kreme truck that was to visit donut shops that is now missing.


I have another one that is a USMC challenge coin that was sent to visit some special places in Marine Corps history in France. It made it there and has been REAL slow in getting back home.


My brother and I had a TB that I started by sending to him. I am in Texas, he is in Washington State. When it got there, he changed the item attached to it, I adopted the TB over to him, and he sent it back. It went back and forth like that several times before it eventually dispappeared.


I had one of my Project A.P.E geocoins that was to visit anything ape or monkey related. Preferrably real monkeys at zoos and such. But of course, it went missing as well.

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