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Viewing caches on the maps

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Can someone PLEASE do something about these wretched maps! I'm trying to go out caching and when I try to hover the cursor on an icon, assuming it's even showing, half the time it won't let me know what the cache is.




1) zoomed in

2) zoomed out

3) shifted the map a little

4) relocated altogether and slid back to where I'm trying to hunt

5) opened a new page


Sometimes I get them and then higher up on the screen they don't show. Sometimes the icons don't work at all.


It's driving me nuts. I'm trying to be quite specific on what I find as I'm nearing a milestone and want to target a speccific cache for it.


Rant over; sentiments remain.



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And another thing:


When I type "specific" with one c in the middle, go to re-read my post, see it has two, go to edit and see it has just the one, why is it mucking around with me.


I want specifics here (that's with one c in the middle and one near the end).


(Still ranting...)



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