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Pit-Pat & Trick-Pin

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I have found two new outdoor sports and don't know where to waymark them <_<


So maybe it's time for a new category ...

I'm talking about Pit-Pat and about Trick-Pin.


Pit-Pat is a combination of miniature golf and billard.

Informations at the German wikipedia.

It's a small miniature golf course mounted on tables and played with a billard stick.

The german inventor claims to have sold worldwide already over 9000 courses.


Trick-Pin is some kind of miniture bowling with barriers.

Informations at a German shop for miniature golf and other outdoor sports.


What do you think?

Ever seen before?

A possible category?

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I had never heard about any of them.

The first seems minigolf played on tables :smile: the second did not quite understand what it is.

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