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Maps almost useless

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About the point in time we got Google maps back problems started and as of late have become very bad. At first I could refresh, reload, zoom in and out to get cache icons to load, it didn't happen all the time but often. In the last week, often the map will load but no icons, sometimes a few icons will load - icon box only - clicking sometimes does nothing (no pop up). When I pan to an area 5-10 miles away usually the icons will not pop up. G.C. Maps has been slow to load. These problems have greatly deteriorated in the last 3 days. It's not the same thing every time. A few times recently when submitting a found I've received a pop up saying the page is no longer available - server error.

I have these issues using the latest versions of I.E. and Chrome, on 4 machines running XP pro, Vista pro, Ubuntu and Mint - all updates installed. I have more than adequate bandwidth, cpu, ram, etc.



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I think your site is broken!!


  • Maps take an age to load
  • Icons to not show
  • Dialog takes for ever to show up when clicking on an icon
  • Zooming in and out just doesn't work
  • It took me 30 minutes to submit 3 logs last night.


Please sort this out GS as it is becoming impossible to work with

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Same problem(s) here...

- maps takes severall minutes to load

- cache-icons not clickable for listing

- searching for adress (regardlessly which adress) leads to Ontario / Canada

- after that no search for adress possible.


Using Firefox 20

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When we had Google Maps, the maps worked well for me. Since those other maps appeared, it is slooooowwwwwww.


Icons load very bad, maps sometimes load bad. When I switch to an other map, icons wont load at all. It doens't matter with computer, OS or browser I use. They all show the same problem.

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Buggy, for sure.


A few minutes ago, I was trying to zoom out a wee bit, to get a better overview of the area we want to go next week. I zoomed out one click, and all the cache icons disappeared. And, yeah, it was really slow to function, but I put that down to being Sunday, a busy day for cachers.


Frustrated, I left it for a while, and now that I've come back to it, I can zoom out in small increments and the map is populated with caches.


Sometimes works/sometimes doesn't....not my favourite operating method. Just hoping that it stays stable for at least a few hours.




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