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Geocaching running slow

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Yes it's dreadful isn't it? I've given up tryinig to submit my logs at the moment. I imagine it's got something to do with this weekend being a "go to a CITO and you'll get a souvenir" weekend, so everyone is trying to access the site at once, to submit their logs.

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Today it was so slow it was all but unusable. Clicking a link from a notification email to see a recently published cache took a couple of minutes, logging it took the best part of 30 seconds to accept my log, and then when I tried to view a map to log a DNF on another cache it loaded the map but then took so long to fail to load any caches at all I just gave up - can't be bothered to wait that long to say I couldn't find a cache.

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I'm really fed up with these delays and lags, happening very often now over the past two weeks. Other sites are fine for me, just geocaching.com


And again, no communication from gs. Tell us what's going on and what you're doing to fix it please - you'll find you actually get support from your customers instead of anger.

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