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Caches at roadside milestones

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Hi Nick, We have several mile stone caches.. Our Miles Apart series are next to mile posts...


Miles Apart A GCKMHE

Miles Apart B GCKMHH

Miles Apart C GCKMHM

Miles Apart X GCKMHP

Miles Apart Y GCKMHR

Miles Apart Z GCKMHT

Miles Apart GCKMH6 (Not next to a mile stone but you have to get details off a stone before finding it)


Also GC13HKP, In the Pink.


Not ours but The Mile Post... GC1BN56... You get the picture of the post... the challenge is to find it....


Regards M

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Thanx, keep them coming.

Have asked Google what it knows, but milestone also refers to number of caches found.


Google have this site specific search

"milestone -find -list site:www.geocaching.com" filters out numbers and bookmark lists leaving just caches.


There are some lovely caches involving mile markers now on the list.

Keep them coming.

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If CO want to be really clever a more prominent link instead of just putting a text link to Milestone Society could be to include their masthead image.



Milestone Society


which is this text below. Copy and paste in to Edit page of GC.


Milestone Society[/url]


or a smaller pictorial link


milestone.gif Milestone Society


Milestone Society[/url]


A text link would be

Milestone Society http://www.milestonesociety.co.uk


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