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Mission 8: "Wattle's Edge"

Guest rebobbitt

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Guest ClayJar

If only I had a little more cash... It would be so fun to fly down to Australia and extend the round trip to include Brazil and Japan... Oh, well, there's always Tennessee. icon_smile.gif

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Guest GeoMonkeys

I guess you guys are gonna havce to contend with the GeoMonkeys trying to get to this cache first. Although, a tip to victoria is gonna put us behind in getting there first.

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it would be easy during daylight (but not as much fun)


There are some photos at the cache page of the cache container and the hunters - no information is given away (since it was pitch black...). The video footage looks like something out of Blair Witch (I'll put it online tomorrow)






Kevin 'Zaph' Burfitt


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Guest Quasar

I was the one who found the item in this cache. I actually expected it to be hidden more deviously, or more difficult to get to than it was, given the difficulties some people had had with previous APE caches. In the end it was just sitting next to a tree covered by a few branches!


Maybe they decided after no-one found the Japan one to make the international caches a bit easier. There certainly wasn't the mad rush of people to get to it that there seems to be for each one planted in the US.

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