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Category Proposal: Catch-All category for Fraternal/Maternal Organizations

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As I travel around the country, I continue to be amazed by all the plaques, monuments, markers, buildings etc. that highlight some fraternal or maternal organization that is part of a larger national or international organization.


I successfully created a new maternal category this past winter (Soroptimist International Markers) and although I'm happy it is a new category, I've realized that this organization is just one of many that still exist all over the world. In fact, I came upon a plaque from a local chapter in the city I was vacationing at dedicated by the Order of the Eastern Star which I found out is the oldest fraternal organization in the world! This organization allows both men and women in their order. They also allow other organizational members to join their order and include Job's Daughters, Rainbow Girls, Members of the Organization of Triangle (NY only) and members of the Constellation of Junior Stars (NY only). I'm sure the list goes on with other organizations that exist worldwide that have contributed something positive in their respective communities.


I'm thinking rather than create potentially new categories for numerous organizations like the above, there needs to be a 'catch-all' category to include ANY fraternal or maternal organization that may exist in our modern world. In fact, I'm even willing to change the current Soroptomist category's description and name to reflect this idea. A possible category title could be Worldwide Fraternal and Maternal Organizations. Waymark submissions would include any and all local chapter locations, markers, plaques, monuments, dedications, etc. placed in communities all over the world.


I think by doing this, the Waymarking community will have a simpler and yet broader category to submit wayarks into.


Thoughts? Am I even allowed to change the Soroptimist category to include additional organizations or do I need to submit the category through another Peer Review? I look forward to any and all feedback.



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I think your Order of the Eastern Star, Jobs Daughters and Rainbow Girls buildings can be submitted to Masonic buildings category as they are all run by Masons. I would check with that category. If it is plaque commemorating individuals they can be submitted to the citizen's memorials.


In general I am not in favor of catch all categories. If there is enough interest in particular organization then a category should be created. Catch all categories just water down the included organizations.

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