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2013: Celebrate the 11th Annual CITO Weekend


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Our local geocaching group is hosting a CITO but we are also going to promote geocaching at an earthday event at a local greenway. While promoting geocaching from an environmental standpoint, I think it would be great if I could provide statistics on the 2012 events. Is there any information on the 2012 events such as how many events? how many states/countries had events? how many people posted attended logs on those events?





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Posted in our Blog:



Geocachers search parks, trails and forests to earn a smiley, but during a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event they're not looking for geocaches. They're clearing litter and trash from geocaching-friendly areas around the world. Thousands of geocachers will walk away from their CITO events with bags of trash and a sense of pride. They're preserving the natural beauty of our world. It's often more than litter clean up. Some CITO events remove of invasive species, plant trees or build trails.


You can be a part of the movement. CITO events are held all year long, but you'll have more than 140 to choose from on April 20, 21 and 22. It's the 11th annual International CITO Weekend coinciding with Earth Day.


This year, more than a thousand geocachers from at least 30 countries are combining in the annual worldwide environmental effort. The locations range from Croatia to Hong Kong and include more than 40 U.S. States.


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and log your "Will Attend" for a CITO event near you. For a limited time, Shop Geocaching will include a free CITO trash bag in each order (U.S. orders, while supplies last).



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In the Memphis, TN area, there were several CITOs scheduled over the weekend.


I participated in a River CITO on Sunday. We removed 14 or 15 bags of trash, a big purple bouncy ball and a 3'x5' plastic pallet from the Wolf River. Cachers from as far as the metropolises of Columbus and Jackson, MS came to town to help with the event.




Garbage Barge loaded with the aforementioned pallet.




Here's a little moccasin I found while trying to remove that PowerAde bottle from the flotsam.



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International CITO Weekend - Kincaid Park Kleanup, Anchorage, AK


Our clean-up efforts were limited to the parking lot and area surrounding the Nordic skiing chalet due to two feet of snow unseasonably covering the rest of the area. We'll be back to clean up the frisbee golf course which is always rife with RedBull and other beverage containers dry.gif.






International CITO weekend Alaska style



International CITO Weekend Fairbanks Edition





From Juneau in Alaska's panhandle where two CITOs were held:


Down Town Juneau Cache-Clean-up!




Almost-Earth Day CITO






One of the local cachers works for the Alaska Brewing Company and got use of the beer delivery truck for trash hauling. Rumor has it lots of suds were CITOed, too.

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