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....log a trackable in a new unpublished cache?

Salix :)
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Hi - I've just set out a series and place to TBs en route. When I prepared them for publishing it said if there was a trackable submit the cache for review then go and log the TB separately.


Help! I can't do it.... You can't log anything at the cache as it's unpublished and when I go into the TB itself it only gives me the option to write a note or "discover" it. My only option at the moment is to hope that I have access the moment the caches are published so that I can whip in and log the TBs there but I am sure this is not the way.


Could anyone please explain what to do....?

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[quote name=Salix :)' timestamp='1365858041' post='5235442]

....it only gives me the option to write a note or "discover" it.


You need to be actually logging the cache at the time of the drop. Use a "Note" log and it will allow you to place the TB at the bottom of that log page. If it is your unpublished cache, you can log a Note anytime you want.


Once placed, if you wish to keep the cache page clean, you may delete that Note log, the TB will still be listed in the cache inventory.

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when I go into the TB itself it only gives me the option to write a note or "discover" it


To log a drop you first need to "grab" a TB, it looks like you understand that part.

If you're trying to grab it, and you can't, chances are good that the TB owner has made the TB not able to be grabbed. That's a option that the owner has for TBs, to place in their "collection". They would have to fix that, you can't. You can hope that contacting them with this article link will clarify that they need to edit the TB for travel.




You CAN write a note to your own unpublished cache, and use that note to "drop" any TB that's in your inventory. But you can't do that, until/unless the TB is in your inventory. Be sure you're logged in under the account that owns the unpublished listing! only that account can see the cache page, and log to it.


Good luck

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Aha! Thank you - write a note in my unpublished cache and drop my TB there....Done! They are my TBs so permission of the CO is not an issue obviously. I am releasing them within my series and simply couldn't work out how to do it!


Thank you both very much for your help.

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