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How to add a Canadian benchmark to Waymarking?


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Hi Mole60. I suspect this thread will soon be moved into the Benchmarking Forum. however, here's my answer to your question. You can find the listing requirements for any category by simply going onto Waymarking.com and searching for the catergory (in this case Canadian Benchmarks), then choose to the [show more information] link to see the full category details.


Here's the link to the canadian benchmark category:



Are you new to Waymarking? (I am relatively new here). You might want to seach the site first, it might be possible taht the benchmark you wish to add is already Waymarked. You can perform a coordinates search which will show you all waymarks in that area. If you use teh specific coordinates for that benchmark, then it should be within the first few waymarks listed (depending on the density of waymarks in that specific area).


Hope that helps

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Thanks, Bon Echo. Yes, I am new to Waymarking. I am interested in a particular benchmark in my area, and I have looked at the map to check if it is there already. It is not. So, my plan is to hike to the spot (it's at the highest point in this parts), take a picture, and post with details on the Waymarking/Canadian Benchmark site. I am exploring various parts of the Waymarking site to see what the rules/requirements are like.

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