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Nationwide CITO Event And Gear Giveaway

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Hey everyone!


As part of CITO weekend, I am holding a big gear giveaway to incentivize people to get out and take part. I will be hiding 10 Travel Bugs across the country and the first person to find the Travel Bugs will win a prize package full of outdoor gear donated by some big name brands. The idea is that everyone brings a trash bag or two with them and picks up trash while looking for the caches. You can read more about it here: http://www.thegearcaster.com/the_gearcaster/2013/04/the-great-gearcaster-geocaching-gear-giveaway-weekend.html


Hope to see you all out there!



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Figures. Of all times to give up my sorta-smart phone...

Have to get my other 2/3rds watching this one (at work) while I'm pickin' up stuff.

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