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WA Goes BIG Geocoin

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Hi All

I would like to introduce you to a project I have been working on, This coin is for an event taking place in my state of Western Australia in late July. I am very excited as to how it looks, and can not wait for the samples to be in hand.


After the huge success of the Geocaching “Tools of the Trade” T-shirt,(being run again soon, contact me if interested) no doubt due to the awesome artwork, there was no way I could go past Christian Mackey for this coin design.

It started out with a very basic idea from our end and he has taken it worked his magic and made it spring to life.




It was felt that as it was the first non-personal coin from WA (that we are aware of) we really needed to be sure there was a healthy dose of Western Australia represented, and boy have we got that happening.


  • The fluffy tailed critter is our state mammal the Numbat. Banded Anteater (Myrmecobius fasciatus)
  • The Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) as part of our fauna group is also present
  • A Red and Green Kangaroo Paw is the states floral emblem
  • Our state colours of gold and black are present with the silhouettes and finish
  • How could we go past an Australian coin and not have a kangaroo in there somewhere
  • Plus a couple of other bits and pieces scatted through the design that I shall leave for now.


They will be sold at our coming event for a price yet to be determined (based on amount reserved) We are considering an event version for those attending and a slightly different version for the rest. (most likely just the finish)

It is trackable with a unique icon and so on.


There is a good chance that there will be some left over… but not many (I hope) as we intend to order close to the reserved amount. Should anyone be interested drop me a line at my GC.com account and I will e-mail you pricing details once we are about to order, you can then opt in or out.


Hope you like it as much as we do :anibad:

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Samples have arrived on our door step and we could not be more pleased :grin: I have everyone that showed interest in a spread sheet and will e-mail all in a week or so with the price so you can decide in or out, our rough estimate is 12 dollars.


Excuse the large picture sizes.. wow






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Can you add me to the email list? I love all the Australian symbols.


All added into the mailing list, info to be sent closer to the event date 27th 28th July.


Cheers to all who e-mailed and posted, glad you like the coin, and I know it is always said :anicute: but the photos do not do this Fox and Hound design justice.

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Having had the great fortune of handling the samples, I have to say I was not really prepared for the size and heft of these. The depth in the text is outstanding and I couldn't be happier with how close to the original design the actual coin came in most areas and surpassed even in others. Thanks AlliedOz for seeing this project through, it's awesome :)

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