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The Yeti Geocoins


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This is another of my new designs which I just recieved samples of and will be coming out soon - the Yeti Geocoins.


These measure 2 inches high (shaped), 3mm thick with regular and translucent hard enamels and black nickel finish. They are also all trackable on geocaching.com and will have their own icon.


I designed these over the winter when we had a few feet of snow - so that was the main inspiration behind the coin.

And like my new Viking coin I wanted to make another coin shaped like a character that would be fun to take photos of in different locations.


Below are the versions that will be made - larger photos can be seen on my Facebook Group.




These will probably come out towards the end of May-June, and will go on sale from my webstore.

I won't be doing reservations for these, but will post more information here and on the facebook group about the sale closer to when I will have them.

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I finally got around to ordering the final coins of these, and they will be going on sale from my Webstore this Sunday at 7pm CEST.

All versions are the same as in the pictures above.


There are:

35 of the 5 coloured versions made.

25 of the 2 LE Sasquatch and Arctic Edition made.

And 25 of the Glow in the Dark AE versions made - the majority of these will be ebay only.

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