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Pit Bull "attack"

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I wouldn't let any dog's mouth get that close to my kid's face. They're (dogs) too unpredictable. Licking may turn into biting in a second.


Originally posted by JeepsOnly:

I was looking for a cache in Riverside, CA with my family. We found it and sat on a nearby bench to read the log and all. I look up and down the trail is a pit bull headed straight for me full bore. I'm a dog lover but those things look scary and I just about had a heart attack. I grabbed my backpack and put it between me and it but it (she) came around the backpack and proceeded to lick my 6 year old. Whew! Everyone laughs at me about it now but what would YOU think if you saw a pit bull coming right at you. The owner was nearby and I guess this dog was friendly.




Jeeps Only!



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Being an animal control officer, the first thing I would have done is look for a license. LOL! Seriously, I'm glad it was a pit. They're very people friendly despite their looks. If you had had a dog with you, you probably would have been in trouble. I also would have reamed the owner about leash law.


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It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. But seriously, I carry a can of pepper spray as well. There's a lot less paperwork if any when pepperspray is used.


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Wow! I hafta say that I expected to see this thread degenerate into a pitbull hate fest. I am so glad that it didn't. You people are more open minded than the people in Houston.


First off, let me say that I have never owned a pitbull, but I have loved three of them. The temperment of a dog largely depends on the owner. There are no bad breeds IMHO. Pitbulls are possessive knuckleheads though. That's why they (or any dog) destroy your stuff when you're not home. (and most don't tolerate other dogs)


As for getting them to unclamp their jaws once they have locked on; stick your thumb up the chocolate starfish and they will release. That's an old dog fighter's trick that my friend told me about the first time I watched them when they went out of town. Unfortunatly, and I hate to admit this, I found out first hand that it works.


As for the carry or not debate; I'll take firepower over pepper spray any day.



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The day my first gps arrived in the mail I was so excited that I ran out of the house in black dress pants to find my first cache. When I got to the place, which I was familiar with and knew that it was a very popular dog spot, I realized that it was much colder and windier than I expected it to be. The only sweater I had in the car was a black hooded one. So I was walking around a dog park in all black (even had the hood up because it was so windy) wandering around learning how to use the gps and poking around strange bushes. I must have looked pretty suspicious to both the dogs and the dog owners...but it was the dogs that decided to attack. I'm a huge dog lover, I even work at a pet store, but I didn't have time to explain that to the dogs. I didn't get bit, but one came close. I took the sweater off and froze on the way back to the safety of my car.


Another time, I was hiking up a very urban forest in San Francisco and was not more than .3 miles from the trailhead and houses when I practicaly stepped on a bobcat. I was less than two feet away from the startled guy and we both just froze, staring at eachother. I totaly forgot what I was supposed to do in that situation so I just slowly backed away back down the steep trail. As soon as it was out of sight I turned around and ran. I stopped about 4 or 5 times to look back and every single time I saw him less than 75 feet back up the trail following me. I took reinforcement with me a couple days later to get the cache, but we didn't see him. I wonder if he saw us.


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As for getting them to unclamp their jaws once they have locked on; stick your thumb up the chocolate starfish and they will release. That's an old dog fighter's trick that my friend told me about the first time I watched them when they went out of town. Unfortunatly, and I hate to admit this, I found out first hand that it works.


Isn't the chocolate starfish on the other end of the dog?

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I have a Pit Bull Terrier, and I don't like the bad press the breed is always getting. Pit Bulls are one family dogs. They are very good with the "family's" children, but only the females are good with other people's children. Pit Bull dogs are like guns, they need to be taken care of properly, and respected. A Pit Bull should NEVER be off a leash in a public area. Responsible owners should know this and act accordingly. My dogs are for guarding my home, and that's what they should be used for. A family pet that gives love and protection. As far as what happened with this geocacher, he should have given the woman a good talking to after the incident. I always carry a good sized canister of Bear Guard pepper spray with me to fend off potentially harmful animals.

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That pit bull wasn't kissing your child; she was taking a taste! The comments about countering aggressive dogs with aggression are right on. As a child I was set upon by a large German shepherd mix in an alleyway. As the dog quickly closed the distance between us, I began to run. That wasn't working, so in desperation, I turned and shouted at the top of my lungs. I must've been 11 or 12, but the dog skidded to a stop, not more than 5 feet from me, and turned tail and ran.


Now as a cyclist, a shout and the wave of a bike pump are usually enough to deter chasing dogs.


All that said, I know dogs are unpredictable, and there's no panacea. Maybe it's time to add some bear spray to the old utility belt.


It's around here somewhere...

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Originally posted by JeepsOnly:

Everyone laughs at me about it now but what would YOU think if you saw a pit bull coming right at you. The owner was nearby and I guess this dog was friendly.

I'd think it was a shame I'd have to clean my gun because some EX-dog owner didn't follow the leash law and now gets to bury his/her pet.

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Originally posted by Indiana Cojones:

Ack, no! icon_frown.gif Please consider getting pepper spray instead. Chances are, if he'd had enough time to react, he would've shot that dog in the face for fear it was going to bite his daughter, when all it wanted to do was kiss her. And if it turned out it did want to attack her, he couldn't very well shoot the dog with it that close to his daughter.


The chances of your turning a good situation into a bad one with a gun are far greater than turning a bad one into a good one.


Note that I own two guns, although I can't think of any situation where I'd ever need to take one with me while geocaching.

Now THAT is a load of scat icon_rolleyes.gif


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Originally posted by Cache Hunter D:

Wow, scary story. Last time I was in California I saw a jogger get eaten by 3 pitbulls. He ended up in critical for months after that. People had boulders at least 14" around beating the dogs on the head with, didn't even slow them down.

According to "indiana Cojones", it's better that jogger was almost killed rather than be armed icon_rolleyes.gif

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A friend of mine had a pit bull that he loved like a baby.


It attacked and nearly killed his other dog. those dogs loved each other the day before, but then one day it was all over.


And as far as that owner ALLOWING his PB to get that close to another person, especially a KID? (This goes for ANY breed). If I were M15a4spr, they'd be burying the owner WITH the dog.



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Originally posted by Brian - Team A.I.:

precisely the reason I cache in the desert armed. Something like a .22 is only going to **** off most carnivorous animals, and a shotgun is just too...bulky for the benefit.


I carry .40-cal CorBon 165gr. JHP, which at 1300fps is going to cause some momentum to be lost by a charging animal.

yes a .22 is woefully under powered, but...


165 grains of lead against 300+ lb animal will have 0 impact on "momentum". I'll let Sir I. Newton explain to you the myth of "stopping power" as it's to much for this thread.


I love my 40's, but they are not a hunting round.

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Originally posted by Lyra:

Non-caching story, but funny nonetheless (at least in retrospect):


I now carry my S&W .380 instead.


Back on topic:


Not a bad idea to arm yourself with some deterrent. I haven't really encountered anything, besides a few poisonous snakes, that really endangered me. However, the old joke about the bear charging the hikers comes to mind. One started to run and the other said, "Don't you know that a bear can outrun a human?" and the other replied, "I don't have to outrun him. I just have to outrun YOU."


And I hope that you're not thinking that piddly .380 is going to do anything but make that bear bite you harder because you've pissed him off with it!


icon_wink.gif Ken

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Originally posted by Firehouse16 & Code3:

My pepper spray is always within reach. When in doubt, whip it out! icon_biggrin.gif


Then if I'm in a more seedy area I carry my "Bear Spray", this makes normal pepper spray look like candy, plus it's 9 oz's and it shoots over 15'!

I'm becoming the "fact checker"...


Bear spray


Capsaicin and related capsaicinoids* 2.0%

Inert ingredients 98.0%

TOTAL 100.0%


Anti-personel spray

10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) red pepper


Anti-personel spray is normally Stronger not weaker. Yer just trying to chase the bear off. A person, you need to drop. Bear spray is limited to 2% active ingredients iirc, I've seen the people spray up in the 12%'s

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For years I have been walking in a state park near my house. The park is in a town that has a leash law. I don't know if the leash law applies in the park but I assume it does. In my opinion, if a dog has a habit of rushing up to people in a uncontrollable fashion, it should be kept on a leash. Many times I have been in the position of determining if a dog charging me is friendly or not, I have never used my pepper spray but there were a couple of times it came real close.


More than once, before I got aggressive with all dogs coming at me, I have had dogs jump up on me in excitement, of course after they ran through the mud. B.T.W. Here is a recent log entry (not mine) from a cache I near my house.


We found it and exchanged a couple of robots for a ball and a dino. This was our fourth for the day and as a large, loose, and very wet dog attacked us, it was our last icon_frown.gif


Also, imagine the damage a dog could do by jumping up and knocking down someone who was not stable on their feet? A broken hip or worse because some irresponsible pet owner wants to go to a public location and let their "freindly dog who doesn't bite" run around uncontrolled.

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This is a great topic and has really got me thinking. From a seated position, small child next to me. Assuming I first notice the dog at 40 yards. Give 10 yards of him at full run for me to assess the situation (OK he looks like cujo) 10 yards for me to draw my weapon (assuming its holstered with 1 in the pipe). I am most likely on a knee at this time in front of the bench, if not standing. Dog is coming at me I've got 20 yards to get the shot off, 2 if I take bead, maybe three if I fire on instinct. Then he is either dead at my feet, on top of me or trying like heck to reverse tracks. If I miss and he is on me then I have lost the advantage and the best opportunity to protect my child. Not sure, but having the time to think about it: pick up my child and then draw the weapon. I have not been military or police trained. Been around guns and dogs my whole life, even owned a pit bull (he was my childhood dog, and one of the best I ever knew (miss ya boy)). wouldn't trust my aim at that range with that kinda time frame and a dog with that much destructive power. Give me 40 yards with a rabid charging Hermit Crab and I'd blow his head off. LOL


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