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UK Geocaching Podcast

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It does get better after the first couple of minutes :laughing: but even better still 20 minutes in :lol: after the general chatter to the first interview. I could never host one of these podcasts, I don't talk that much. If I did one it would only last about five minutes :P


If I ever spot a few adults shouting "train" at trains passing by, I'll know who you are :rolleyes:

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I do find the private joke stuff really annoying but on a positive note the podcast is better with the 3 of you compared to when it was just Colin coughing and spluttering for an hour.


Some recorded cache finds and on topic items are what are needed - cut the childish private stuff out please.

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I downloaded half a dozen issues about a month ago, but I'm afraid I didn't get more than halfway through the first one I listened to before deleting them all. It seemed to be all waffle. It could easily have been an inconsequential conversation I had in a pub with my friends, but I wouldn't expect that to be of the slightest interest to anyone else (or even to ourselves after the event in the cold light of day :laughing: ).


To be of interest to me I'm afraid it needs to be much more focussed. Pick a subject of interest, deal with it in a structured way, then finish. If that means the podcast is only 5 minutes long then so be it. I can't see any benefit in padding 5 minutes of material out to an hour's broadcast, I'd much rather listen to the 5 relevant minutes and spend the other 55 listening to my choice of music.


Sorry to be negative, but if it was me doing it I would want honest feedback.


Edited: to put this into context, I'm the sort of person who likes DJs just to stop talking and put the music on - maybe to announce the artist and track title, but no more :lol:


Rgds, Andy

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Thanks for the feedback chaps. Fairly blunt but we are all big boys and can handle it.


I guess we cant please all the people all the time, we have had some feedback that people enjoy the banter That said we recognise that more caching content would be good (considering the title of the show).


I think this month (May) has more content, but I can't promise we will cut out all of the banter. We want to enjoy producing the show and I hope that comes across to those listening that we are having a good time. If it was scripted, like some other geocaching podcasts, we would quickly get bored and jack it in. Whilst I appreciate that will have little impact for you guys we do have ~400 downloads a month so some people may miss us :-)


As I said, thanks for the feedback and we will take it on board. If you get a chance to listen to this months show and have any feedback as to whether there is an improvement or otherwise that would be great.



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I always enjoy your podcasts. I listen to half a dozen from around the world ranging from the pretty dry Cache-A-Maniacs to the boys at Chicago Geocacher. Family friendly Podcacher cast and the Aussie local Geotalk.

I think your podcast fits mid way on the scale of casual chat to in-depth single subject podcasts.

Keep on caching and podcasting. :grin:

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