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Delorme Pn-60

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Stupid newbie question.


Just got a PN-60 with no other software, just the GPS (data cord is in the mail on its way). As you may know the PN-60 has major highways only showing on the screen. We need local city streets. So which software can I add to the memory card to get local streets , not just for our area, since we travel and geocache, but nation wide. Been looking at DeLorme Street atlas 2013 but can this completely (all North America street maps) be downloaded to the GPS as a permanent part of the GPS?


Thank ya'll for your help.

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Did you buy it second-hand?

It normally comes with Topo 9 (or 8 if an earlier one), and a data cord.

If the cord is in the mail, what happened to the Topo maps (they are a 4/5 disc set)?


The Topo 8-9-10 (10 is scheduled for release this spring) pretty much have all streets, highways, minor roads and even many foottrails.

The 9-10 edition also include Canada and Mexico. All three of the series are routable maps.


Dunno if Street Atlas is loadable -- it probably is. But, being a street atlas, I would be concerned that it displays little, if any topography (elevations, swamp, forest, streams, etc.) as the name implies it may be geared more towards streets.


Seriously, you should consider Topo 9 or better yet wait for Topo 10 which includes a loading widget to replace the now unusable Cache Register.

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Yes , it was bought second hand. It is GPS only. If I purchase Topo how much memory is needed to download all the USA? If it is huge could it be broken into parts and loaded onto separate memory cards?

It (the Topo series) is formatted to be loaded by parts as it is huge, and the parts (by section, state or province and even portions thereof) are changeable at any time.

You can use multiple SD cards, or you can use a single card and load upon it the area that you need/want at any given time.


Being a very data-laden mapping program (with nearly countless POI's already installed), I really doubt that one could load it onto a single SD card that would be acceptable by the GPSr. Certainly, multiple SD cards would be an option to use.

It also has a master disc which is the entire program for your computer. Data and input may be exchanged and traded between the two.


There is also a subscription service for continual updates, but is not mandatory to purchase.

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OK Gitchee, Thank you for all the information. Sounds like the Topo is what I am needing. I'll get a 32G SD (manual says it's the largest acceptable) card and see how much room is left on it after loading our region.


We had a Magellan sport trac so learning this one is a little different. It does street maps of our area but in the SE USA it only did major highways and roads. We needed the street maps several times on our trip, so without them the GPS was basically just windshield decoration.


Again, thank you for all your help.

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Delorme is marketing only the Topo 10 map sets as new at this point in time.

The latest released PN-60 firmware does support the new multiple DVD Topo 10 map sets. The PN-60 can address 3.5GB of internal memory, plus 32GB of Class 6 or Class 10 SDHC memory at one time, with some limitations.


So, yes, Delorme vectorized routable map data for the entire contiguous 48 States of the USA can be stored on PN-40/60 flash memory for viewing purposes. However the OS seems to bog down on being able to consistently search for and find all POIs and all layers of road/street vectors with more than 22GB total on board. Routing recalculation also seems to become inconsistent at about the same 22GB mark. So you will need to selectively swap out SD cards on occasion if you are traveling great distances.


You might want to read existing threads on the Delorme forum for user reports on the perceived pros and cons of the two Topo mapset versions that are designed to work with the PN-60, T9 or T10. Note that both road routing calculation and planned reinstatement of geocaching download support broken by GC.com for security reasons is somewhat different in the two Delorme Topo versions, but for the purposes of active geocachers, new Topo10 will be preferable.

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So they would completely fit on one 32GB memory card with plenty of room left over. If it starts acting up ,as 39 Steps noted about the 22GB mark, then there should be no problem splitting it in half and putting it on two memory cards. Splitting it in half on two memory cards would semi complicate the geocache PQ downloads but then again the geocaches from the other zones could be attached to that memory card of that zone and kept completely separate. This might work.


PN-Series Edition-Topo North America 10.0 looks like what I need.


Thank ya'll for all the information.

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injunblood & squaw, You really need to communicate with DeLorme before you buy anything.


Also, before you buy anything, communicate with the person you bought it from to get the rest of the bundle. PN GPSrs are ONLY sold as bundles with Topo North America. So unless it is stolen, you should be able to get the Topo that belongs with the GPSr that you bought. In the worst case, you should be able to get the 4 or 5 CDs/DVDs that hold the pre-cut maps as these do the former owner no good whatsoever. Note also that it is generally not possible to interchange maps between Topo/PNs bundles. I don't recall exactly what the deal is, but if I cut a map set for my PN with my Topo software, then those files will not work on your PN. As such, you should be worried whether simply buying the latest Topo will do you any good. Ask a DeLorme tech.

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According to Delorme Tech Support:


(Actual email response)

Hello ****,


Thank you for contacting DeLorme Sales and Service.


The PN edition of Topo North America 10 will work perfectly with your PN-60 GPS unit. It even comes with a series of regional data discs with maps already formatted for the device for easier transfer.


If you have any further questions or issues, please reply to this e-mail.




Jason S.


DeLorme Customer Care


When replying, please include original text and an unchanged subject line, or our response could be significantly delayed.


Due to our email routing process, Read Receipts may show as deleted even when they have not been...


Technical Support: 1-207-846-8900


Sales and Service: 1-800-561-5105


Email: Sales and Service


Many answers can be found at our on-line knowledge base within the link below.




Lead. Don't Follow.



So everything looks OK. Thank ya'll for all your help. The main question of memory usage on the discs was answered so..... Thanks again.

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