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An unusual hunt

Guest scott

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I should know not to trust my brain anymore. The was a particular cache near me that I finally decided to go visit. I "knew" where it was from seeing the web page several months ago. I quickly scribbled the lat/long on the back of an envelope and took off for the cache. Picked up a friend of mine along the way and we had a nice drive and conversation for about an hour. When we started to get close to where the cache was (in my mind) I noticed the GPS (which had been on the entire trip) said we were 18 miles south of the cache. Hmm... My friend had been looking at the map along the way and agreed we were in the right place. We stopped and got a cup of coffee and I realized I had DRIVEN TO THE WRONG AREA! I did this with the GPS telling me I was wrong the whole way and with another person checking the map! What can I say, oops!


So we took off for the right location, and the GPS dutifully counted down the distance. After a short hike and little searching, we found the cache. I started reading the logbook and about two pages into the log I found my friend's signature. He had already been here and didn't say a word! In fact, he let me drive to the wrong place and didn't say a word. (He claims he thought we were going to a different cache, but I think he was just humoring me.) I guess he was seeing just how much rope I would take before I used it on myself. icon_smile.gif I must have looked dumb-founded when I was reading the log because he was cracking up!


So, despite the GPS and the map we still took the long way. It just goes to show you should always double check yourself and RTFM. (RTF web-page in this case)




PS after all that I did manage to get a traveling candle set up. Details at http://www.allsop.org/candle/

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