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The Travel Bug you requested does not exist in the system.

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I went skiing last week and found about 20 caches on the way home.

I picked one up but cannot remember from where. I have checked all the caches I found and cannot see it listed.

I have done a search and come up with the words seen in the title.

The coin does not have a name just "Geocaching.com - geocoin. I have used the number imprinted on its reverse.

How do I log this?

Any suggestions would be very welcome as I want to move this on during the monthly meeting tomorrow.


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Hey there. My only advice is that maybe one of the numbers you typed was wrong.

We all get it sometimes.


Try out some of these

0 to O

5 to S or 8

1 to L or I


Those are the main culprits


In addition


8 to B

Further addition


2 vs Z

3 vs B


but the 0 vs O vs Q is the biggest offender

1 vs I is the second

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Thanks everyone.

On my Logitech Spanish keyboard 0(zero) and O(letter) are identical.

I see on my English laptop they are quite different. Must get some more practice on the pc.

Matter now resolved. thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Manu, I'll do you a swap tomorrow. :D



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