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Bug: Archiving Found Logs Break Counts

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I logged my local Signal's Time Machine (GC48MP3) as a find as a Joke but when it's was retracted, locked, and my Found Log was Archived it messed up my Found Count where on my Profile Page would show 430 while the details and my log in box shows 429. That is where I first Discovered this bug. So I got 2 different found log counts showing up in my Profile now and I am not the only one affected by this. I also ran some tests on one of my Archived Caches and I verified the bug does exist on other caches also when I archive a find log it will break the count.


Here are the Screenshots where it's shows the off sync numbers which shows on the User Profile and Your Personal Profile Pages: User Profile: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=22146cf1-4d02-4ff6-9415-9b6b6cd089c3&IID=9e635cf9-7974-42ab-bb39-7aa6d48bffb7 and Personal "Your" Profile Page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=22146cf1-4d02-4ff6-9415-9b6b6cd089c3&IID=09049d1f-7871-4df3-9b8e-ca4b88354428


Test one:


With my Cache Hard Shell 2: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=39ef1379-32a2-4a40-a376-e658dc66a5d5


When I logged this cache as a Find it made all counts back to 430, but after archiving that log it put the counts out of sync again showing 429 and 430 in my Profile. The Results show the same way as the first 2 screenshots.


Test Two:


Same Cache but with 2 found logs on it:


Posting Finds brought all counters to 431. After Archiving Both Found Logs it messed up both Counters again this time but I now show 431 Finds on one part of my Profile and 429 in the other.


With the conclusion of Test 2 it verifies the Bug Exists but we may have our first Work Around of logging other finds. But I am gonna do 1 more test to see if changing logs to notes will knock the count down, Keep it the same Off Sync, or the bug will show up again when you change log types. (which is why for Test 3 I am gonna log 3 finds to verify changing logs will drop that find count as it shows 431 and 429, my Goal for Test 3 is to knock all counts down to 429 or off sync 429,431, the bug will be an issue if it goes off sync to 429,432)


That Screenshot can be seen at: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=22146cf1-4d02-4ff6-9415-9b6b6cd089c3&IID=2c118059-cc99-4de1-aaf8-41d34cb7d93d


Test Three:


For this test I will test the change log types to see what happens when I change a find log to a note log.

Same Cache again with 3 found logs this time to be converted to notes:


As with the Test 2 it brings all counts to 432 this time. When I changed all 3 logs from finds to notes it brought all counters down to 429 thereby correcting the issue so I consider test 3 a success. I also verified the success by archiving the 3 note logs.


This Screenshot can be seen at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=22146cf1-4d02-4ff6-9415-9b6b6cd089c3&IID=19feb12a-ec9f-4859-9ff4-f3970718c4cb




So in closing the find count bug exists when you archive a find log. But the work around are to change the logs to notes (something a GS Lackey or Volunteer has to do as a CO can't do this yet) before Archiving the find log or to log other finds. The work around as in my post below is to log a new find somewhere and it should bring the counter back in sync, you can also change that find log into a note if it wasn't a actual find. Hopefully my tests will help you guys reproduce the bug and fix it as some peoples profiles has their counts off by a bunch.

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And I decided to do a test 4 to find a workaround and yes I found one.


I log 3 finds and archived them all to bring the counts off sync.


After I did that. I made another find log and it brought all finds counts to 430 from the out of sync 429,432 count. So I know the next find log brings the counts back in sync. So your next step is to change that find to a note if that was not an actual find to bring your count back to accuracy.


So the Work Around is now to make a new find log, if that was not a real find you can convert it to a note log and then your counts should be back in sync.

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Okay, you really lost me in all that. :laughing:

First of all, I'd suggest stopping all the wacky logging and deleting. Some of those find counters take a bit of time to update. By logging and deleting logs in amongst when these counters may be updating, I wouldn't be surprised that you ran into various odd situations. Maybe just wait until tomorrow and check again. I bet everything will have sorted themselves out.

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Yesterday, I logged two of Signal’s Time Machine caches. Both logs are now gone. I got a log deletion notice for one, but not the other. My find count is now incorrect, but only by one.


On my profile page, on the geocaches tab, the count for each type is correct, but the total is incorrect.


I am not going to do anything wacky. I’m going to wait for a bit to see if the system catches up with things. If it's still off in a day or two, then I'll email Groundspeak to get them to fix it.

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I followed sawblade5's advice and logged a find on a local, unfound cache. It brought both my totals to the correct amount they should have been by adding the new log, so I changed my "find" into a note. All numbers were corrected to the proper level and the find count went back down to the pre-April Fool's number.

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There's no bug per se, and there's no need to write to Groundspeak. The next time you log a cache, your count will correct. This issue is a minor side-effect of the bulk archival of logs on the April Fools' Day caches yesterday.


Thank you for the info! Others should read this before doing anything to try to correct their counts.

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I've had a similar problem for years. In 2004 I, and at least two other people, found a cache (Present to Past) that was about 15 feet from the final stage of a puzzle cache. (That was back in the days before final locations were in gc.com's database, so collisions like that were more common.) Soon afterward the cache listing became unavailable. Normally when a cache is archived, you can still see the cache page, but that's not the case for this one. Here's my log; if you click on the cache name you'll be told "Cache is Unpublished".


Ever since then, my find count, as shown in my logs and my profile, has differed by 1 from the number shown in my All Geocaches page.


I assumed that this sort of thing couldn't happen anymore, but it can: In March I, and a few other people, found a nearby cache (The bus don't stop here), although its posted coords were about 900 feet away from its true location. I figured out what the CO had done wrong (confusing degrees-minutes-seconds format with degrees-minutes format), and posted a note explaining how to update the coords. He tried to do that, but it turned out that the actual location was too close to another cache. Again, if you click on the cache name in my log, you'll get the "Cache is Unpublished" message. And now my profile and All Geocaches counts differ by 2.


This also affects my stats at Project Geocaching, which doesn't know about those two caches.


I think it would be nice if caches that are retroactively unpublished could be converted to ordinary archived caches.

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Nylimb, your issue is completely different and is not a bug. Your login widget find count and profile find count match and are accurate. Your list of finds (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=Nylimb#_=_) differs because those pages by design do not show unpublished caches, so those caches are not included.


My point is that they're not really unpublished. They were published and then had their cache pages hidden. Why shouldn't they just be archived like any other cache that is no longer available?

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They were retracted. which essentially unpublishes them, but I get your point. Generally, reviewers don't retract caches that have finds posted to them, but it's not a hard-and-fast rule.


OK, I guess I'll have to live with it.


It's not a huge problem, of course; I just wish my stats at Project Geocaching weren't messed up. But that's a bug at that site, not at gc.com.

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It's not a huge problem, of course; I just wish my stats at Project Geocaching weren't messed up. But that's a bug at that site, not at gc.com.


Or maybe not. According to their FAQ, in the "My found count isn't correct" section, they're aware of the problem but it's "not something we can do anything about as it works today". I don't know if that means that they don't have the necessary data from Groundspeak, or if it would require a major rewrite of their software to compute counts and milestones differently from the data that they do have.


I suppose I could delete my logs for the 2 depublished caches, and create logs for 2 other caches (perhaps archived caches of mine), to bring the counts and milestones into sync, but that seems too kludgy.


Oh well...

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