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Sundance goes to the Championship! Please Vote!


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Ok, if you're following Facebook you already know Sundance won his round! We are now at the Championship round! Thanks everyone for your votes!


Contest: Please follow the link and type in Sundance (only once). If you are on FB, please share the link and get as many people voting as you can for Sundance. If he wins, the prize is $105 which will be donated to the local Lewis and Clark Humane Society!


When you vote you can log your vote here or on the Tsun facebook page. Thank you everyone for your help! Voting goes until 4:00am MST (Montana time).




Thanks all, go Sundance!



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Long day at work, didn't get to check in like I would have liked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the votes!


Keep them coming people, this is one close race! I think this one is going to be decided by a very small margin.


Once this Mutt Madness is over, I'll be making a special announcement. Should be kind of fun!


Thanks everyone for your help and again, the winnings are being donated to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society!


tsun and Sundance :)

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Sorry it took me so long, I can't get here from my cell phone when I'm at work.


He did win :)


Here's the link to the picture. I'm so thankful to all of you for helping him win! Geocachers rock!


I will wrap up all contest winners by end of the week.


Sundance and I will head to the radio station on Thursday to take pictures. The prize was donated to L&C Humane Society on behalf of all the Mutt Madness dogs!


Sundance Champion :)



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