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CONTEST: Win a Tsun Edition Lucky Koin


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It's been a long time since I have been on the forums to promote a contest here. This one runs in tandem with the one on FB, so if you already entered there, you don't need to do so here.


This is easy, you only need take one minute or less of your time plus a little typing ;)


A little over a week ago I entered one of my caching K9's in a March Madness contest. 64 dogs have now been reduced to the Final Four! Sundance has made the Final Four! He's a Mini Australian Shepherd, closing in on 4 years old.


If he can pull off this win and it is neck and neck, he moves onto the Final Two on Monday.


So what I need your help doing is following the link which will show a picture of Sundance and Chloe (the dog he is up against) and just type in "Sundance" in the comment section. When you have voted, come back to this thread and type "voted". By doing this you are now in the pool to win a Tsun edition of the Lucky Koin and I'm giving away more than 1! There will be a limited minting of 11 Tsun coins, so you'll have a rare version.


You can only vote once in this round, so please make sure you only vote once! Having your fellow geocachers, friends and other family memebers vote for Sundance would really be appreciated too! Right now Sundance is a little behind and I know the geocaching community will move mountains to help their own!


If SUndance moves onto the Final Two, I will be back to run another contest for more chances to win :) This contest closes when the actual competition ends which is Sunday 10:00pm MST (Montana time). I will log on here to say contest closed.


Thank you so much to everyone who has helped Sundance get this far, I am very grateful!




Here's the link to go vote for Sundance! This contest is on FB (sorry if you don't have an account there).


Vote for Sundance here: Just type "Sundance" in the comment section :)

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This contest closes in about 1 hour.


On Monday, here in Helena, MT at about 7:45 the results of who moves on two the Final Two will be announced on the radio. AS soon as I learn the results, I'll try to get back to the forums and open another contest for voting should Sundance pull off the victory.


The voting on the final contest will be a very short time frame so getting votes in quickly will be very important.


Thanks again all for the help!


tsun and Sundance :)

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I chose the winners from FB and GS combined and posted the winners in the FB threads, I had one name from the threads come up a winner (I don't think it would be a repeat winner but if you don't have FB, it won't be a repeat).


BlueEyedAussie congratulations, please email me through my profile with your address. The Koins will be minted shortly so it will take awhile for you to get one.


I will also be holding additional drawings for a special version I am creating of the Merlin coin, so you could still be a winner! I will announce those additional winners when the new Merlin version come in!


Thanks everyone :)



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