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Anybody with a lisence for Krpano & Autopanotour

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Hey guys...


I have placed a cache in the most dangerous place of town and rather than have people risk their lives to locate the thing I was hoping to make use of 360 degree virtual tours to make the hunt virtual (and safer...)


I have the various bits and pieces of camera gear needed make perfect 360deg pics (Motorized camera head, fish eye lenses, wireless controls etc) but I lack a licensed version of KRpano and Kolor Panotour....


I have an old version of Panotour actually but no KRpano license...


Ultimately I am hoping that someone out there may be willing to take my 360deg photos and convert them into a flash tour using Panotour with a KRpanp an unlimited domains license. I will then make a link from my GC.com listing to the flash tour where the user will make their hunt..


I am thinking of 5 or so 360 degree pano's linked together... Each of these photos with about 20+ link stills... Basically a completely virtual hunt of GZ for the cache...


Kwl hey... :)



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Oh dear... I think I have explained my idea poorly...


I will make a pretty listing detailing the area (a very special area)... Then design a virtual tour within the neighbourhood... One will hunt for the cache using the VT. When you find it, and click in on it, the final coords will be revealed to you. Then you will be able to drive right up to it, open your car door, retrieve, sign and be gone. :)


Reviewer will prob be flexible enough to allow the flash tour to be off the GC.com server for a novel purpose...


Thanks :)

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