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Map feature suggestion!


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I'm still new to this, but I've been talking to some other friends who have been doing this awhile and they don't have an answer to my question simply that they "don't think so". Anyways if this feature I am about to suggest is available.. I'd love for someone to tell me. My idea and would be helpful for me is having a feature inserted into the map feature to where not only does it show which it does now.. smiley faces of caches I have already done, but can filter in my "friends" finds on the same map. A bunch of us kind of have a competition of sorts at work on.. who gets the most caches in a day... over the weekend etc. It's a pain jumping between various friends profile to see what caches they did.. and then look those up on the map. It would be nice to be able to filter / layer X amount of friends on the same map. That way.. I know which ones friends have done... we both have done.. or ones they have not done. Does this make sense? Seems to me like it would be not a hard feature to implement. Anyone got any thoughts or replies to this? :D


-Eric (geo_glitch)

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I seem to recall this improvement was included in a previous and more general map update request.

One that (as I recall) was more towards having user updated co-ordinates move a mystery icon to the updated location on the map.


I suppose it could be done, but then we would likely get complaints that the maps were SO S-L-O-W while every finder of every cache was compared to your friends list. :(


There is a way to simplify this, but you would still need to click through and view the listing(s) page(s) separately.

The Greasemonkey script GClittle helper allows you to create a VIP list, and will show you if anyone on that list has logged the cache you are viewing.


Also, if you use GSAK, you can select caches that have NOT been found by a user (or a list of selected users), but there is no functionality to select caches that HAVE been found by a user (or a list of selected users).

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I like this idea. What I would like is to be able to filter out caches found by other users, especially in a PQ. If I am going out for an afternoon of caching with a geo-friend, it woud be great to be able to load in only those caches that we both haven't found.

Thelast poster mentioned that GSAK can do this, so my secondary suggestion for this would be... release GSAK for Mac! :D

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