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Biodegradable Cache?

Guest gtheilman
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Guest gtheilman

I'm playing around with the idea of getting some of the local geocachers together for a geocache competition. My idea is that we would meet in the local state park (more like a city park, actually). Beforehand, various "tokens" would have been placed around the park. The team that found the most would win.


The problem I keep coming up against is what to leave as the tokens. I don't want to be accused of "littering" in the State Park, even if they are only there for one day. I'm also concerned that I might not be able to collect them all again at the end of the day.


So I was thinking of trying to come up with something that would be considered biodegradable and would not impact the environment. The best idea I've come up with so far is popsicle sticks with codes written on them. Even if I couldn't recover them all, they are wood and would eventually rot. Does anyone have any thoughts on a suitable marker or cache that would have minimal environmental impact?

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Guest griffiths gnat

Heres what you need gtheilman. I was at an organic farm about two years ago that had organic eating utensils. They felt just like plastic but were made of potato starch. The knives would provide you with a large enough surface to write on and if you couldn't collect them all they decompose into harmless nitrogen in about three months. I saw these things at Rodale organic Farm in Pennsylvania. Maybe they could tell you where to get them.

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How about Manure Animals! I kid you not. In organic stores you can buy little creatures made of dried animal manure fertilizer. It's totally dried & has no smell. Washes down with rain & fertilizes the area as it goes. You could engrave coordinates on the bottom!

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