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Why is app for WP free?

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It says further down that "It would rate higher if not for the 3 caches / day limit"


Maybe this is the new version of the "free software" - a limit instead if reduced functionality




Hi DD, thanks for the reply,


I think that's if you are a standard member (i'll be renewing my membership when i get home, away with work at the mo and not keen on sending CC details over 3G), also i think this is the same for all API partners.

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I'm not complaining about this, i'll be getting a WP soon, just wondered if anyone may know why it's free for WP and you have to pay on other platforms. It is the official app right?




Any ideas?


It is the official app, and it is free. If you are a premium member, you have unlimited downloads and saves, if you are not, you only get three. I am not sure why it is free, but I have been using it on my Windows 8, Nokia Lumia 920, and it is far better than the android apps I have used in the past, and head and shoulders above the blackberry apps I switched from!


My only complaint so far with the app is that I am not sure of the accuracy of the compass...seem to be getting more DNF with this...although, it is possible the caches had been muggled or I was simply off...


I have also tried the Geocaching Plus app for WP 8. I do not recommend it over the geocaching live app (just because the official app has more functionality, and I don't have to wait to get home to log my finds), but it is also free...and I think the location accuracy is slightly better than the geocaching live app. Hope this helps!


Overall, I would recommend the geocaching live app over all others I have used thus far!!

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