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(SUGGESTION) Solved Co-ords and IPad/IPod

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So I was out on the weekend and was referencing certain solved Puzzles and got to thinking. On the main website corrected co-ords are underlined in blue, but there is no way to tell on IPad/IPhone or even in your GPS.


Is there a simple fix Groundspeak can add something so when we look at a certain cache that we solved to tell it has solved co-ords.


Maybe a (S) or perhaps a colour change of the bubble that shows the GC code or something that we can tell quickly in the field that we have solved that cache and it is in fact at the location we are headed to and not the generic co-ords.



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Could be an idea, but until this new feature came out, I would just write the corrected coords in the notes section and then create a waypoint with the final GZ. Now that you can correct coords, you could just write in the notes, SOLVED, and then you'll know...


This might be a good idea for most, but I don't think i would use it. You can't change coords from, so I still just write the corrected coords in the notes section.

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A similar suggestion would be the ability to show the label at the new coords. Some puzzles around here have the final some distance from the listed coords (or not far but separated by water or hills etc). I'd like to be able to see the solve coords on the map so I can pick up the find when I'm in the area.


Edit: This kind of ties in with this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=285926&st=0&gopid=5243444entry5243444

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