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Slackline Locations

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Hi there,


sometimes I'm slacklining.



I thought many times about a category for slackline locations.

Three main types came to my mind.


1) Locations with public installed slacklines, more and more cities create such places:





Water line


I know other places where these could be found. (About three in my homezone).


2) Great slackline locations (highline locations). Perfect would be if someone is slacking there at the moment you waymark the location. The normal case would be that you document these places with a source that it was slacked.




Moab Desert






Some more pictures of highline locations: Highline locations


A Waterline is another great thing: Waterlines


3) Locations that are well known for slacklining. A location in Munich is the Englischer Garten. There are sites with maps of locations online. Mostly without pictures, a good collection of these locations is missing.


Let me know your thoughts,



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I am not sure if this can be made into a viable category. A slackline is small and can be installed and removed in a couple of minutes, this is very temporary in nature.


The 2nd type you think of is extremely arbitrary, I can't think of a good reason to allow a location in a category just because someone once executed his favorite sport there without leaving any traces (hopefully).


Type three is slightly less temporary, but also very subjective.


The first option has the most potential in my opinion (still not very much). Most public installations I know are just a part of a larger entity. They can be found at public pools, inside climbing halls, at youth centers, parks and playgrounds. They are usually just one of a range of offers, and are likely to be replaced with the next hype toy when the boom is over or the lines are worn out.

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I've never heard of or seen these. Fascinating. My son Sidehopper would LOVE one of these in his backyard. That is a fantastic photo. Love it!


If a Slackline category doesn't go forward, you should consider this for a photo goal. I think it would be fun.

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I agree with fi67. I saw several people doing slacklining in New Zealand in parks. But each time they would be in different locations within the park than the previous time. I think more slacklining is done on these temporary setups than is done on permanent facilities.

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These are very popular at folk festivals in Korea and have a long tradition. I've got some great video. But, I have never seen a permanent installation. Even in the "folk villages" these are seasonal and are removed and set up, usually at least close to the same location, but not always.

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