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Pocket query to iPhone problem

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It's probably a really simple one that will make me look like a fool but...


I have created a pocket query along a route that I want to use at the weekend, I have selected the pocket query to run. I got the email saying that the pocket query had been generated and was ready to download.


Thing is, when I open the app on the iPhone, and press the pocket query tab, it says that I have not set up any pocket queries yet and to do so at geocaching.com!


Any hints or tips? Of course, I've now got to wait another 3 days before I can try again and that will be my last chance to get it right before my trip.




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The fact you say you have to wait '3 days' suggests you've clicked on the My Finds PQ...

A PQ can be run every day...

A copy of a PQ can be run again, on the same day as the original PQ...


All you ever wanted to know about PQ's, but were afraid to ask... Markwell


edit to add:

The My Finds PQ will not load/download to a phone. Groundspeak decided to not allow it to, due the the possible size of it. (It could contain thousands of caches, which could cause problems on a phone!)

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Make sure you select it to run every week on the day checked. If you simply have it run once and deleted it won't show up in your iPhone...

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