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new cache notifications

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I did set this up and a whole bunch of 39 plus another series and some others have been published only knew that they were new because i saw when i was seeking a cache and a little blue NEW was in the listings.


Firstly a few points which may seem obvious but....


You need to set up a separate notification for each type of cache


Make sure you have selected the events for which you want to be notified (published, archived, disabled etc.)


Check the radii for the notifications. Were the missing caches within this radius? Edited to add: :- and have you got your home coords set?


Having said all that, I had a few notifications last week that took a day or two to arrive and when I dashed out hoping for some FTF's I found a load of logbooks on the second or third pages.

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Ahhhhhhh thats why i dint get them then just worked out i had set up a notification for an unknown cache the ones that were listed recently were traditional hence why i didnt get the notifications


so i need to set up each type seperately then, hadnt twigged that when i set up the notifications thanks for making it clearer


Thankyou for your help

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