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Idea - Take your best shot.

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The location is given to a place where it is safe to shoot rifles.


Two containers are at the cash site. The first container holds paper targets the second is to store used targets and the brass of those who take a shot.


Participants are given only one shot to do their best. A safe location is given to place the target and then 100yrds (high caliber) or 50yrds (small caliber) are marked to shoot from.


There are lots of logistics to think about when planning this type of cash site, safety being the most important. I would like to open this up to your comments.



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Take it a step further - get an oversized ammo can, fill it with wood, and each cacher who finds it gets to take one shot at it, then sign the logbook with what caliber was used, etc...the finder then writes the corresponding logbook page number next to the bullet entry hole with an El Marko permanent marker. How cool would that look at the next event meeting?

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If you can hide a large can that can hold a 3 ring binder. Have paper targets that fit into the book which will be your log book. Cachers shoot at the target, and then puts in the book. That way the can write whatever on the target. You can also have them take a pic of them shooting.


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