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Can't run my finds PQ?

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Was going to run a new my finds PQ this morning to update my GPS with all of my iPhone finds and I am not able to run it. The button is grayed out. I tried doing it on Windows 8 with IE 10 and my MacBook Pro with Safari. Any ideas? I was able to run other PQ's this morning.

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Have you ran a “My finds PQ” in the last 3 days.

If you have then you won’t be able to run one as you are only allowed one in any 3 day period.

If you look to the right of the “My find button” you should see a date and time of the last time you ran you PQ. This date and time, is the server date and time and not the local time to you.

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Add to that... the [Add to Queue] is always grey.

I just tried it, and the grey (or gray, whichever) worked fine.


Well I can't even click mine lol

Dunno for sure, but IE 10 seems to have compatibility problems as of late.

There should be a "torn page" icon in the address bar. Click that icon and it may solve your problem.

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What's the solution?

From what I remember, when others have posted in the forums with this problem, Moun10Bike has gone into their account and changed something to get it going again. I believe there's an intermittent bug that causes the My Finds PQ to malfunction. Therefore, I guess the solution is to email contact@geocaching.com and ask them to fix it.

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