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Geosphere 3 (iphone app) was released today with support for the Groundspeak api. It combines the best from the previous versions (support for offline pocket queries, the ability to filter and map groups of caches, export the database in gpx format so that it can be transferred to a handheld, bookmarks linking caches with various offline and online mapping, and a beautiful display of cache pages) with a few improvements to the interface and geocaching live support. I have not had time to fully explore its options, but it is a good one.


I have used it both as a supplement to my handheld and as a "standalone" caching app, so the new support for online caching is a welcome addition. Because it can do so much, there may be a little more of a learning curve with it than with the Groundspeak app, but so far it has been easy for me to jump right in.


Officially, the update encompasses:


-New & improved user interface

-Direct access to Geocaching.com's database of geocaches

-Change language in app (English, French & German)

-Portrait and landscape orientations

-Integrated support for Dropbox file sharing

-Synchronize personal notes with Geocaching.com

-Display geocache favorite points

-Indicates premium-only geocaches

-Expanded geocache list format

-More geocache filters

-Save & restore filters

-More ways to edit coordinates

-View and log trackables

-View Geocaching.com user profiles & souvenirs

-Update all caches in a group in one step

-Retina graphics

-Assignable map pin colors

-New help videos

-Use device as a flashlight

-Support taller screen size

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