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Also, I have put some fair amount of time in to trying to figure out how to incorporate the two. Any ideas would be welcomed.


I would LIKE for this to get launched and take on a life of it's own like Geocaching did, but my time is such that it may become one of the many web projects I wish I had more time for.



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Let me see if I got this right...


I might go out and buy a 10 lb sack of flour, and go take some crazy route to the bar. Then some friends try to follow my trail of flour?


Are you kidding me? eek.gif



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Well let me see if I have it right?


Instead of following a trail of flour to a bar, I am suppose to buy $100+ electronic instrument, plug in some numbers, follow a pointer for a multi-mile hike in the woods, to a write in a book and swap some trinkets?

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Yes. -sort of like running or riding a bike as a hobby. I mean, why run or bike to go somewhere when a person can drive? Anyone who would take the time or energy to run or pedal is seriously misled. The point is to get to the final destination. Those losers start out and end up in the same position sometimes! dadgum! How stupid. Losers! Do they not know that their efforts are inefficient and a waste of time? Why on God's Earth would anyone do such a thing? Drive! Drive! I hate them!


I'm going for a Sunday cruise.


Originally posted by ALacy:

Well let me see if I have it right?


Instead of following a trail of flour to a bar, I am suppose to buy $100+ electronic instrument, plug in some numbers, follow a pointer for a multi-mile hike in the woods, to a write in a book and swap some trinkets?

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I guess there is not a lot of us Geocachers (myself included) who would be interested in something like this....I wonder if I would have more luck from the hashers? I RARELY ever drink myself, and certainly wouldn't combine it with caching, but I imagine there are some hashers out there who would think Geohashing was cool. I already have the domain, I would like to get some hashers interested and have them build a site and manage it.


There is a "lazy" group of hashers who don't like to run...they prefer to walk (if I were a hasher that would be me)...I bet they would like it too!


It's a fun idea...maybe I will get around to doing something with it one day.



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Could be used as a tour of , say, an historical district of a low-rise city or walkable resort area. No skyscraper canyons to mess with GPS, perhaps tape with next coordinates stuck to sign posts. Might be a good game on a Geogetogether, and could be left as a 'findable' cache afterwards ( or a good pub crawl icon_biggrin.gif ). I am thinking Charleston NC or Key Weird or similar walk friendly places. Boston or Provincetown, MA would be places near me , pretty close to the first examples I gave, now that I think about it...


I was interested to see that flour in the streets shut them down years ago for an anthrax scare. Add people carrying a GPS and hiding things and we have a bonified SWAT-meet ! icon_eek.gif

Thats why I suggested tape on a sign post.


Crawl! Don't run !!!

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The Chicago Area Orienteering Club recently had a joint geocaching/orienteering event in Illinois.


Snowgaine results


I also hash regularly, and I've taken hashers to a few geocaches. However, rather than have any of the hashers carry GPS receivers, I carry one when I scope out trail, or while I'm laying the trail. When my receiver indicates "0", I leave a "Geocache check," which is a "G" in a circle. (Of course, I have to explain all of this ahead of time.) The idea is that the geocache is within the estimated position error of the receiver from the check. So, they have to hunt around a little to find the cache.


Of course, hashers have a very short attention span, so I’ve learned my lesson: always confirm that the cache is actually there, isn’t a virtual cache, etc.


I also know of hashers in Tucson, AZ who have used GPS to set trails, or keep track of where they are with respect to the start. But, since you never know where the finish might be, a receiver wouldn’t tell you how to find the beer....

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I like the idea and I would set up these rules:


Caches are red photo boxes

Each cache has a number and a code. The player (or team) would have to note number and code to register a hit.

Each cache also has a pointer to three other caches.

There are 3 times as many caches hidden as there are teams (or players).

Each registered hit is 1 point.

During the run players may collect trash. At the end trash is weighed and acts as a multiplier for the number of registered hits.

The games is restricted to one hour (or similar, but restricted)

Each team starts at preselected (random) cache (so they doen't all start at the same place...

Of course the run itself is enough reward. At the end all come together for a barbecue and drinks icon_smile.gif


We would need a piece of software that shuffles the cache numbers, the pointers to the three next caches and generates the code cache pair. Actually the software is not really required but it would help.

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I have thought about this too. It sounds fun, plus any chance to get folk knee deep in shiggy is a good thing. It would require more work than laying a regular trail, so maybe it would be a monthly event like a FMH. (By the way, in DC we HAVE to use colored flour, otherwise citizens panic and the cops show up. For some reason white powder = anthrax while blue or pink or orange powder does not.) You would either have to go to an area with a high density of caches or the hares would have to plant a bunch (mugs, stickers, beer?).

One other thought. Everyone would have to have a water proof GPSs to prevent beer related accidents.

Please let me know if anyone puts one together. We are always violating folks for using cell phones on trail. I wouldn't be surprised to find a lot of FRBs have GPS as well.


White Out




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Hashing has been around since 1938, and is currently done in virtually every major city in the world, as well as most minor citties in the U.S.




If you want to complain about people wasting flour to play the game, you better not keep burning oil to drive to cache locations. I get sick of enviro whackos & other social police running around playing the "I'm so freaking Holy" game. Pennies are cooper, which is damaging to the environment. The number of pennies it would take to lay a hash trail could feed a lot more starving children than the "wasted" flour.


There has been occasional anthrax scares, but anyone who knows anything would realize that anthrax in such large quantities is highly unlikely. Some groups have started dying flour different colors... which gets the paranoids off their backs. So, if you have any anthrax powder, die it some bright color before aplication.


So far (65 yrs) hashing has caused very few problems (as evidenced by how little known the hobby is).


Basically, it's non-competitive. There are no rules. The pack works together to try to catch the hare (the one who lays trail with a 15 min. head start). Short cutting is allowed. A good hare lays trail that is interesting, and keeps the pack together (by creative use of loops which stragglers can shortcut). The FRB's (Front Running Bstrds) mark the checkpoints as they solve the correct direction (a checkpoint is a circle with an X in it, which says "trail will restart within a hundred yards or less, go find it).


I hope that someday we will be able to put away

our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.

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The group in Huntsville has done something that somehow combined Geacaching with Hashing...


Here is a link to the Huntsville (Rocket City) group (the **** is a four letter word which sounds like city & the message board auto-censors out):


You'll probably want to contact Smoking Weiner for more info.


For those that don't know what Hashing is:



I hope that someday we will be able to put away

our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.

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We did a run in Huntsville that was themed "Experimental Genetics".


Ever seen a jogger with 4 arms before?


There is also a nearly worldwide tradition...

it seems way back when, a lady in San Diego forgot her gym bag with her running clothes. She had her running shoes in the car, so she just ran in her work clothes. Everyone thought it was so funny they said "Next week, we should ALL run in a red dress.


Thus began the tradition of the annual red Dress run...




I hope that someday we will be able to put away

our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.

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I'm an avid hasher, orienteer, and just beginning to do a little geocaching. I'd love to combine geocaching with the other activities. Let me know if you figure out how to do it.

I Have been giving this some considerable thought and have decided to do a combined Austin/San Antonio Hare in September. I've pretty much worked the bugs out of how to do it. Now all I have to do is get a bunch of half-minds to figure out how to geohunt their treasure, beer of course. The trinkets swaped in these large caches will be microbrews.

I think the idea has promise and will let you know how it turns out.

Anyone wanting to make a trip to Texas for the innagural GeoHash is welcome to drop me a line and I will let you know the details as the time approaches.




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