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Reminiscing (about the good old days)


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Not many of those still around I'll bet.


EDITED to add:

You are the only one who can see who published (or in those days, approved) the cache.


Exactly! Even I've been around long enough for that. Before the "published" log, only the cache owner can see who published their cache (and yes indeed, referred to as "approved" back then) in fine print on the very bottom of your cache page.


I've seen quite a few 2001 placed caches in my area that were archived by this iryshe character. :P

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There is a couple 2001 caches in jeopardy locally (MD side of DC suburbs). One was a DNF long time ago that I never got back too. I really, really hope it gets revamped (it also is a 4 star cache).


I just remember how simply the game was. How no one expected the craziness. The idea that peoples lives would surround the hobby. I recently looked back and noticed I had captured the first cache in the eastern West Virginia panhandle (in 2002). The map is so funny to look at from back then. I don't think caches were even less than a couple miles apart (and now we have .1 mi. power trails).


It is fun reading the old cache logs though. So funny the perspective, and on occasion the reference to culture at the time. I mean people mentioning cell phones and the internet so differently just ten or so years ago.

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