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Possible Competitive Geocaching Event

Guest Dascgo

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The Foxhall Cup is a new Equestrian event that takes place during the first week of May. This is the second of the yearly event, with an established 23 more to go. The Chairman of the event was recently told about the Geocaching game and has fallen in love with the idea. He wishes to help promote the sport by doing something during The Foxhall Cup. Thus, we are developing the idea of a multi-day Geocaching game to take place alongside The Foxhall Cup. In the event that our ideas get approved, we have already established financial backing for the project.


The event will take place on 1,200+ acres of farmland that includes fields, woods, rivers, and numerous buildings. Some areas are restricted due to the course, stables and media and will be clearly marked.


We wish to uphold the fundamentals of Geocaching by retaining the "take something, leave something" aspect of the game. In addition to this, there will be a seal envelope that each person must take (only one from each cache they find). They must return this envelope (sealed!) to the Geocaching Booth to be given the coordinates of the next cache.


We will track how many people we have searching for each cache, and try to divide the participants up among the various caches to avoid a "follow the leader" type situation, however, if you run into other Geocachers looking for the same cache, teamwork is encouraged.


At the end of the day, each person's envelopes will be opened. The contents of the envelope are a randomly generated code, that when added up will give them a prize number. This prize MAY be something like a CD, t-shirt, a ticket to next years event, DVD player, etc... Or, a player can elect to carry his points over to the next day.


The following days of the 4-day event offer the same format, but the cache locations change.


Getting the most envelopes does not guarantee that you will win big. There is a level of randomness in the prizes that will help to insure everyone has a good time.


At the end of the entire event, players that have accumulated their daily points instead of cashing out at the end of each day, have a chance to win a bigger prize. We have not decided exactly what this prize may be, but we are thinking in the terms of $2,000 - $3,000 US. Please do not hold me to that, but that was the initial figures tossed about.


These caches will only be available during the event. We are going to set up a permanent cache on the farm as well.


This is the basic idea we have developed so far. Any ideas to improve it? We are all ears and would love the input of experienced Geocachers. Owners of Geocaching.com, please contact me, as we would like to promote you at our event.


Also, we are currently seeking sponsors that would be interested in providing equipment and services. We are interested in leasing out gps devices for people that have come for the Equestrian activities, but become interested in the Geocaching.


Happy hunting!


Daniel Goodwin


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