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eTrex 30 firmware update duration

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Hi! I sold my eTrex 20 and bought an eTrex 30.

1) My first observation is a strange behaviour: on this eTrex 30 the firmware update process (the update itself, after the „validation”) is MUCH-MUCH LONGER then on my former eTrex 20. Is 4 minutes 10 seconds, while on the eTrex 20 was 1 minute - 1 minute 30 seconds.

2) An other experience: With the same firmware versions (2.80 and 2.90) this eTrex 30 has clearly more malfunctions than on my former eTrex 20. Crashes/freezings during route-navigations; capricious unexpected shutdowns. It's hard to believe that the extra functions of the eTrex 30 (altimeter, electronic compass, sensors, wireless) make it more unstable.

-> So I would like to find out whether this is a defective (harware) sample or the eTrex 30 is generally more problematic?

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Sorry, I forgot to say that. I have an Etrex30


When I have the 2.87 installed I sent an email to the beta team but it seems they didn't do anything about the freezing issue. They asked me to sent them a few system files. Maybe they couldn't reproduced the situation I reported. But it seems that it does happen to other people. It should be a bug.


It's the first time I experienced a freezing and shutdown issues so frequently with a Garmin GPS.


Lets wait and see.

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Thanks for your replies. According to these the eTrex 30 is more prone to bugs than the eTrex 20 - with same firmware. And the much longer duration firmware update? Is something normal: (I bought the eTrex 30 from an online market, and I have 2 days to freely send back the device. I wonder to send back and buy an gpsmap 62s, but i like the smaller size of eTrex and the gps-glonass dual system on eTrex.)

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