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Event/Competition Types


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Okay, me and a bunch of other people are in a private topic right now trying to set up some kind of National (US) geocaching competition. And I'd just like to know about what kinds of different competitions there are/have been held allready.


I know there's alot of stuff that's like a roll playing hybrid type thing.


And there's competitions that are just multicache time trials.


And there are Fox Hunts


And Cache Machines


But what else is there.


Also, I was too lazy to explain any of these, so if you're unfamiliar with the idea, I or somebody else can markwell you to an event like it.


So, does anyone else know of any ideas?



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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They're all out playing!


I've also been considering a Bike Rally: timed finding of caches.


Would like to have an ammo can toss someday.


I'm considering adapting the game of Clue to an event cache. And I know brdad in Maine has a Battleship cache.


Perhaps something more subjective? Best camo for a cache? Most creative cache page? Lamest clue EVER?


What were you looking for??



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you mean like this??


MoGeo to host the Midwest Invitational Geocaching Event.


Geocaching competition to be held near St. Louis, Missouri on March 19-21, 2004

For Immediate release: October 1st, 2003 --


Prepare yourselves for a weekend packed with high level excitement and fun as the Missouri Geocachers Association presents the first ever Midwest Invitational Geocaching Competition. This event is open to everyone regardless of what state you are from. This will be a huge event and will be a strong competition by those who know how to geocache.

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For event caches, Geommunity (a Geocaching community development project) is developing reusable activities. Currently we have created a Poker Run and a Golf Course game.


More details are coming soon. Currently we have a website up for developers only, but should have something for the public in the next few weeks.


Feel free to contact me directly at dekaner@kkf2a.com if you would like to become involved.


- Dekaner, KKF2A Operative


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I have a murder mystery (Clue like) that changes about every 4 months. You can look at it here ...




And, as *gln mentioned and you referred to, The MIGC event in March 2004. In my Opinion, GPS timed navigation is the closest thing to a sport like event while poker runs and such are just fun games..



The Brawny Bear



The Brawny Bear

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We did a poker run at the last event I went to. 10 caches hidden around a park. You took a poker chip from each cache you found, then you got to draw 2 cards for each chip to make your hand. Some guy drew 4 Aces! Can you believe that?!?!


We also did sort of a "Cache-Dash Elimination" run. 12 caches hidden, each of us had FRS radios and when one cache was found it was eliminated from the total list. That last cache had a BUNCH of people looking for it!


We've also done a compass course at our events, which is always fun and frustrating. Also, we do a waypoint comparison (not sure what else to call it). A waypoint is marked by someone before the rest of us get there (secretly marked). Then we're each given the coords and an orange flag and we go out until our GPS's zero out. Person closest to the secret mark wins. It really doesn't prove anything, but it's cool to see what it looks like when everyone's done.



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