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Finding a GeoCaching partner.

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Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I've been planning on going to that event with my caching buddy, Fryertuck, of some 10 months ...but, unfortunately, he's suffered a stroke and is now in the Royal Columbian Hospital...he's been there for almost 4 weeks now. He's getting lots of care & attention but has some ways to go yet. I'm praying that he's going to pull through with a significant recovery eventually. Maybe i'll e-mail Grafinator to see if he has any ideas as to how to go about how I can, most effectively, search out a new buddy. I know that Tom, my mentor, who has Geocached for some 8 years, wants me to continue on with the sport. He knows how much I love it.




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I've done well talking to my friends about geocaching. My best geocaching buddy was someone who I explained what geocaching was to him, then he tried it out a little bit, and then he was completely addicted to it--now we go on cache outings about twice a month.


Personally, event caches can be a little intimidating. Until I get to know people, I tend to be very shy. If you plan to go to an event, review the related cache page and see who else is planning to attend. If there are cachers that you're familiar with because you've seen their names on logs or placed caches you like, it wouldn't hurt to send a message through their profile to introduce yourself, that you're new to the sport, and trying to make some friends in the sport. It's worked out for me a bit so, at the very least, I know one or two people before attending the event.


Finally, I hope you're friend makes a good recovery. About 15 years ago my grandmother had a stroke and the care she got at Royal Columbian was top notch. By the time she was released she could walk and had most of her function back on the right side... until she broke her hip two weeks ago (and, again, RCH was amazing--my dad and I are so thankful for their care and skill).


Good luck and stick with it! Geocaching has enhanced my appreciation for the world around me.

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I found my caching buddies by attending events. Several of us lone female cachers happened to be at an event a few years ago and joined forces for some post-event caching. We exchanged contact information and several of us still cache together. Then this past fall two of us were at an event together when another lone female cacher came to the event and asked to join our table. We've cached as a group several times since.


My advice... attend events. Talk with other cachers there. Don't be shy; tell everyone you are looking to join a group for some post-event caching.


Good Luck and Good Caching!

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If ever you are on the island, try and time it for an event in Victoria. We are a friendly bunch! There is a local site VIGPS. If you go to an event near you, try not to be shy and explain your situation. When your buddy is well enough, bring him to events too.

Best wishes to Fryertuck - a local cacher was in his situation. Perhaps you and your friend could come up with some devilish camouflaged caches together when the time is right....I hope that will be soon.

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