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the great cache!!!


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ok, maybe jeremy could find a sponsor for this one and we could all enjoy. a nationwide multicache, have people put on teams, and each team has to travel the country to find each part of the cache. it would be kind of a grander scale of another idea i had, a geodate. which i will explain first so "the great cache" makes more sense.


i input the coordinates into the gps and give it to the girl. she then has to find that area and perform a fun little task before recieving the next coordinates. while she is going all over town on her little "quest" (each task/waypoint would be something special, so she could get to know me a little better) i would be at the final waypoint preparing dinner, the main prize. so by the time she arrived dinner would be ready and it would give us something to talk about, a little more original than dinner and a movie and potentialy cheaper.


so the great chache. (or geodash) each team is given coordinates which they must find. once they find them they must perform some kind of task to get the next set of coordinates. there could even be diff coords awarded depending on how well the task was performed. (ie do well get coord A, do poorly get coord B at coord B you have to perform another task to get coord A.) also rewards for first finds. and just so the playing field is level everyone should have the same gpsrs (not so subtle hint, perhaps garmin could donate a rino for each player... good publicity.....) teams can travel together or split up, but must be together in the end to win the grand prize. (and at specific waypoints in between) anyways, thats my idea... just cause i wanna travel the country geocaching...

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actually, if you would turn off that darn GPS and turn on your TV... hmm... thats a step backwards huh?? icon_razz.gif it's already been done worldwide, without the GPS. teams of two racing literally around the world, given money at each stage to pay for travel and any other needs of completing the next stage. it is called "The Great Race" (i didnt just pull the great cache name out of thin air) the tasked ranged from going into a salsa club in south america to get a "token" from a salsa dancer, to finding Nelson Mandella's prison cell in South Africa. (one team, a brother and sister, lost their money and actually stood outside the bus station "begging" so they could get bus fair. it was pretty interesting to watch how inventive the people were in their quest to be the first to the next global destination, i just say add the geocaching element. personally i think it would be great publicity for our sport, and be a fun event in and of it'self.

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Yeah, it was called "The Amazing Race." That was the best show and I can't wait until #3. Yeah I guess a GPS twist would be really cool. Sorry I read your post pretty fast and didn't really understand what you meant. That is a good idea.



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so you and me are in... lets start a petition, garmin can be one of the sponsors..(i want a free set of rinos icon_biggrin.gif) i think maybe this is something we should pursue... maybe post a new topic w/ "please ignore" in the title icon_wink.gif so i suppose it should be called "the amazing cache" instead of the great cache. oh well. whatever, as long as i get to travel all over the place caching with a new rino. (the advanced model)

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I kind of like the idea...


how about getting an e-mail no one knows about and contacting a female cacher with the coords... I think that would be better because I would be reserved about doing that for just some guy out there, but if it were more of a secret admirer thing I would be more impressed.

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