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Montana and ANT

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I tried to get my Montana 650 to pair with a Bontrager cadence sensor that apparently supports ANT but the Montana refused to see it. I tried a second cadence sensor and the Montana couldn't see it either.


Is there something specific I need to do to get it to work? I went to Setup-Fitness and then chose "Search for new" under the Cadence Sensor option.


The sensor in question is this one:


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Oh goodie, one of the reasons for choosing the Montana may have just gone up in smoke.


I love that big screen and it's great for hiking and caching. Don't really want yet another device on my handlebars to see my cadence :(


Keep trying, and contact Garmin, see if they can help you resolve the issue. Perhaps you will have better luck than I :)

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Yep, I've heard the stories about how the wireless transfer with the Montana won't work. The Montana Wiki has it listed as a "Bug" (#14).......


HOWEVER.......I have a Montana 650, a 78S, and an Oregon 550 and I wirelessly transfer tracks and waypoints, back and forth between any two all the time.......and also have "paired" all three with two different heart rate monitors.


I can pick up either monitor and any of the three GPSs and they work flawlessly, so I don't know what to tell you.


When you try to "Pair" or transfer data, hold the two items right next to each other, and don't have any other ANT item working nearby.

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On a related issue I have tried the Montana on four different chirps. After it did not detect the first, I read suggestions to try it with the ANT fitness settings on. It detected the second but could not complete the upload. It did not detect the third. It detected the fourth but only completed the upload after five unsuccessful attempts.


I brought along a 62s for the last two. It instantly made the connection and retrieved the info without any problems.


Wireireless communication with the Montana seems spotty at best.

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