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Would you go to the 1st Annual Geocaching Conference?

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We're working on the first conference ever and we're stuck on how many people would show and what the price should be.


The conference would be pretty grass-roots, 2 days on Sept. 28th and 29th. It's right after the GPS 2002 conference in Portland, OR and we hope to have many vendors stay the weekend and participate in our conference.


It would have a keynote by Jeremy, breakout sessions for finders/hiders/travel bugs, family caching and other topics. It would have a product fair and an evening geocaching event hosted by the Portland geocachers.


Finally, we'll put out some polls for geocaching awards for the year and give out some awards during the event.


Most of all, it's a great excuse to nail a boat load of caches and participate in the conference. (Perhaps we can wire online access for those who can't make it).


If this was the style of the conference, would you go and if so, how much would you be willing to pay? We want to keep the price low and allow kids under 18 to come free so families can come.


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One suggestion would be an individual rate and a family rate. That would help out those of us who may not be able to afford two individual fees but could do one slightly higher fee.


Another option would be a fee based portion: the seminars, meet & greet with Jeremy, product fair etc. And a free, or greatly reduced, section: the caching event by the Portland gang and maybe a potluck picnic lunch.


I'm anxious to watch this unfold. We'll try to make it if finances allow us to.


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I think the question wouldn't be how much it would cost. If people are willing to fork over the $$$ to get there from the four corners of the earth, they'd probably be willing to pony up for an entrance fee.


I agree though, a family rate would be good - or at least a significant discounted rate for Jr. Cachers (<13?).


On that note also, make sure there are adequate events for the kiddies as well. The one comment I've heard over and over about Geocaching is that this is a great family activity. I think to have a “1st Annual Geocaching Conference” and NOT include something for the kinder would be a big faux pas.



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If we have an event we can easily rent out a section of a park somewhere for a heckuva lot cheaper than that.


We dont even need to rent out a park. Forest park is the largest urban park in America and can easily accomadate a ton of us.


If we have a potluck then everyone can bring something and share. If people are going to be paying a ton of cash to travel here...then there is no reason to tack another 40 bucks or more onto them.


Jeremy lives in the Seattle area, it would only cost him about 40 bucks in gas to get here and back, we can get that ponied up easily.

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Sounds interesting, although I'm not clear on what the admission price would buy a participant. Markwell has a good point about East Coasters justifying the travel expenses. Not sure how exclusive the event is meant to be, but maybe it would be a good idea to have several regional conferences around the country/world during different times of the year.


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I wouldn't know until I saw details. The admission isn't the big cost, it's the travel and time away from making money. I'd have to lean heavily toward "not attending" though.


Waynepdx said:

We dont even need to rent out a park. Forest park is the largest urban park in America and can easily accomadate a ton of us.


Forest Park might be the largest forested municipal park but at 17,000 acres, South Mountain Park, a municipal park run by the City of Phoenix, is almost four times larger. Forest Park would probably accomodate the potential crowd better though.

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I'm sure I could find the time and money to travel, but based on the initial outline of the event there's nothing that would really compel me to attend. Besides the comraderie (which happens at the local level anyhow), it sounds pretty much like these forums. Unfortunately, I can't think of a single way to make a geocaching conference REALLY interesting, but I don't have much of an imagination when it comes to big group activities.


I think I'll stay local.



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