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Adventure Gaming Ideas with GPS?

Guest jeremy

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This is somewhat out of the realm of Geocaching the game, but something I've been trying to figure out.


Heard of Majestic? It's a new game that will be starting soon that is funded by Electronic Arts. Basically you're still chained to your computer but the game extends to other forms of communication - Voicemail, fax, etc. I believe with geolocational devices there is a good potential to make some great realtime adventures that can be run by people through the web.


Since we're all avid GPS users and Geocachers, I thought about creating a "think tank" for new gaming ideas. As our player base gets larger, things like organized geocaching events and other GPS related games will become much easier to organize. I'm already seeing some great new creative ideas (micro caches, multi-caches, caches using metal detectors, etc), but I thought an earlier discussion could help jump start some new ideas into gaming.


Think Everquest but you actually get to move more than your finger and eye muscles to be involved.



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I'm not familiar with either game you mention, but I think you're on to something here. Recently, somebody logged one of my caches while standing at the cache. They were using a Visor with a GPS add-on, and communicated via wireless modem. If you had enough "players" with similar devices, you could have 2 tiered play; 1)in the field contestants and 2)their controllers sitting at keyboards ready to give instructions or clues to the next cache. GPS devices are already used extensively in Adventure Racing, and this could be another twist: Contestants don't know the course, but must reach sites via instructions by their controllers.

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Guest Krepism

I like the real time event concept, but could get expensive. How about doing a travel adventure vacation, driving across the county with the family. We could all contribute locations for hotel, restaurants, and points of interest. Of course only be guided by the GPS. Kids today are board driving and parents just buy minivan with TV?s to watch while driving so they don?t cry. So why not keep their interest by giving them something to look for and help Dad with finding his was. It would be cache vacation. I know that things are growing really fast with all the media coverage, but another good way to promote would be to organize an event that would help raise money for charities.

Or maybe we should just try and get one thing organized first.


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Guest cache_ninja

the campsites would need to be near places w/internet access so people can hide/log caches along the way. heh


just an idea..




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Guest Waahoowaa

OK - Ever since I heard of Geocaching, I couldn't help thinking about the movie "Million Dollar Mystery"..... Before you flame me for that Early 80's reference, let me explain.


I love the thought of a GPS Scavenger Hunt. Give people a setting (i.e. a city like Washington, DC). Create 10 clues with a GPS location. For instance, "This man is sitting down on the job (with lat/long)."


This location would be Lincoln's memorial. Then the group would have to had a polaroid taken of them in front of Lincoln's statue.


And then they move on to the next clue. Have a time limit for the event (5 hours or so) and then have all teams report back to a restaurant or something. The team with the most clues completed (with the appropriate pictures) wins!



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Guest Cape Cod Cache

WaaHooWee, sounds like a great idea for an area to get together in a city, region, park or campus. A city might even have the twist of public transportation only. National Parks could be signs, campuses-buildings, regions- basic points of interest etc. Or a 2 day event with the first dedicated to fining sites, a meeting (read bite to eat and drinks), second day meet, swap info and find sites. Considering Geocachers seem to be 'gadget-heads', I bet that a team could find a couple Poloroids and cell-phones, perhaps split into 'patrols'...

And at the end, everone meet at the Big "W" LOL

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