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Looking for Ohio Geocachers

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Hello, My name is Dane. My girlfriend and myself are new to Geocaching as of this year. We are only about to hit our 100 mark soon and we are currently looking for local Geocachers like our-self's to go out, have fun, and explore. We live in Medina County Ohio and are hoping to find people close but we also want to travel and meet new friends along the way. If anyone is interested people let me know. Thanks again and Happy Caching!!!

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Ohio isn't a huge state, but there are probably several regional discussion boards on Facebook or elsewhere that will be more active than these forums are. The regional forums get very little traffic here these days. If you are looking for a G-rated geohookup you might have better luck doing a search at FB or on google for local groups.

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Moving from Geocaching Topics forum.


Not to far from you. Our local group is called GeoMaSh, Geocachers of the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys. Here is a link to our Facebook page. We actually have an event coming up this Sunday if you would like to meet some other Cachers.

Sorry I have some family things going on for the next two Sundays but please let me know when the next one is. I would love to come!! Thank you!

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Hey everyone. Like I said before, I'm new to geocaching and still trying to figure out the forum and such. But I'm still looking for someone or group of people to geocache with. My girlfriend and myself geocache almost every weekend and we are about to start a large series of caches in the Medina if anyone is interested in tagging along. There are 39 caches in all and all have puzzles to link the next cache. Please send me a email @ danemls07@yahoo.com if anyone want to join.


Thanks Again!!!!

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Hi Dane!


I am interested in caching with you. I also cache with my other half. Maybe we can go out on a Saturday? A half day all four of us? I'm in Akron but it's not that far and we can maybe meet in the middle.

Hey please let me know if you are interested still in geocaching? There is a awesome sequence of Geocaches in Medina and park of Akron called the 39 GeoClues. We have the first three done, "not to hard" and we want to do the rest soon. Send me a email or message if your still interested. Thanks :)

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