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A $10,000 cache!

Guest shaveice

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Guest shaveice

I am thinking of organizing a commercially sponsored $10,000 cache here on the Gold Coast , Australia.We would have to have a number of waypoints and the winner would have to have proof of having found these waypoints. I guess we would have to have a different set of waypoints for each entrant to avoid anyone removing a waypoint completely and therefor blocking all other entrants.

Any suggestions from out there?

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Guest Havasu Desert Rat

If they had to tell you a password that they found at each site, it would let you know that they were indeed there. Hopefully, since they are competing against each other, they wouldn't be sharing passwords.

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Guest 1000$bill

my son and I have been planning to organize a similar event in Ohio, only we hadn't thought of offering a monetary prize, only merchandise if we could hook a few sponsors.

We have thought about giving contestants descriptions of objects that they should photograph from a certain angle at each site to prove their success. also we thought of using a point scale for different caches, and tying in some multi-caches for bonus points.

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Guest bunkerdave

the points and declare a winner. To win, a person must 1) find all the caches 2) have the most points of all who found all the caches 3) present the items and passwords. We will call a rendezvous (gathering) and there we will verify the coded items, the passwords, and have the cacher share their experience. Then we will present the prizes. Given the nature of the hunt, and the locations of some of the caches, this may not be won until spring, but so much the better. I just hope no one gets killed. icon_frown.gif

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