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Pockey Query versus Save List (iPhone)

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I've used Saved Lists for some time by looking at home and saving to a list whilst on WiFi so out and about I have some caches 'downloaded' to my iphone. Looking at Pocket Queries and wondering what the pros/cons of each are and really the different.


Appreciated you can do more with pocket queries eg routes along a cache. Are the saved lists just really for non-Premium members? Just wondering if I'm missing something obvious!


Note to admin that the guides in the iPhone section could do with updating to the most recent version of the app.



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Not sure exactly what you're asking. If you create a Pocket Query you can get any on the iPhone instead of saving caches one at a time. Once you have generated the PQ on the website, fire up the app and at the bottom of the start page tap "Pocket Queries". The PQ you created should be there. Tap on it to download it to the app. You will have the option to save just the caches or also save the associated map tiles (takes longer but handy if you find yourself caching in an area with no data coverage). I would recommend downloading the PQ when you are on WiFi, it's a good bit of data to transfer over 3G.

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Not sure exactly what you're asking.


Thanks for the reply. Usually I will search at home via the map function and then obtain 30 or 60 caches and I can request the lot download to a saved list in one go. This then gives me a nice offline accessible list of caches.


Apart from a route query on pocket queries, what is the difference? I think they are very similar bits of functionality but thought that I would check incase there was something glaringly obvious between them.

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Pocket Queries are probably the biggest benefit of Premium membership. However, if you cache exclusively with a smartphone (don't own a handheld GPS) and primarily cache in areas with good data coverage, the advantage of PQ's may not be that obvious. If you have good coverage it's pretty easy to just hit "Find Nearby Geocaches" and do everything live.


PQ's are really helpful when you have a standalone GPS device and need to download a whole bunch of caches at once.


One other advantage of PQ's is that once you run it, you can sort or filter the results in various ways, say if you only want caches above a certain D/T rating, or a certain size container. What I'll often do, when I've generated a PQ of a new area, is sort the results by Favorite points, so I can see what are some of the more notable caches in the area, and make sure I grab a couple of them.

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I usually save the pq to a list on my phone. The big advantage is that I find the phone needs a signal to access the pq, whereas a saved list is on the phone and ready for me even if I have no signal. (If it makes any difference, I use the Groundspeak geocaching app for that).

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